A Blackjack Bargainer. Primary view of object titled ‘A Blackjack Bargainer’. Thumbnail image of item number 1 in: ‘A Blackjack Bargainer’. A Blackjack Bargainer. O Henry. The most disreputable thing in Yancey Goree’s law office was Goree himself, sprawled in his creakv old arm- chair. The rickety. Read A Blackjack Bargainer by O Henry for free at Read Print.

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At three o’clock in the morning they brought him back to his office, shorn and unconscious. Opening his eyes, he saw, bending over him, a man in a black frock coat. Garvey snarled as his unhuman eyes followed the moving figure, disclosing long, amber-coloured fangs.

He flinched as if something had stung him. The squirrel hunter slouched out of the door to his carryall.

T he most disreputable thing in Yancey Goree’s law office was Goree himself, sprawled in his creaky old arm-chair. Side by side they rode, out from the dusty streets and gaping townspeople, down across the creek bridge, and up toward the mountain. FullReads Full-length classic stories broken into easy-to-read pages.

A Blackjack Bargainer by O Henry – Read Print

On the back seat was a lady who triumphed over the June heat. Nobody wouldn’t pick a feud with we ‘uns, no mo’n with a fam’ly of tree-toads. The man from “back yan'” knew it as well bagrainer the lawyer did. He could not help smiling, even in his misery, as he thought of the man to whom, six months before, he had sold the old Goree homestead.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I reckon you are mistaken about that.

Eventually the plot kicks in and has a last minute twist, which apparently is the author’s trademark. Goree was wiping his forehead, and his face had lost its colour.

The squirrel hunter had not overpraised his aim. Sidharth Vardhan added blakcjack Jul 21, He knew that Goree had once invented a device for this purpose — a series of slides and chutes- upon which he had justly prided himself. From the open back door of the office a well-worn path meandered across the grassy lot to the court-house.

The squirrel hunter straightened a leg half across the room, drew a blackjqck of bills from his pocket, and threw them on blackjac table. I’m sure we’ve always been the best friends. The broken gambler had turned drunkard and parasite; he had lived to see this day come when the men who had stripped him denied him a seat at the game.

Akje rated it really liked it Jan 25, A Blackjack Bargainer by O.

A Blackjack Bargainer

Look for a summary or analysis of this Story. The daily bouts at cards had arranged bargaijer accordingly, and to him was assigned the ignoble part of the onlooker. Not in twenty years had male members of these two families aa each other in peace. Anna Hardy rated it liked it. Goree, that sech things suits me — fur me, give me them thar.

In the silence that followed Garvey’s last speech the rattling of the poker chips in the court-house could be plainly heard.

Goree was at a loss to account for the visit. These controls are experimental and have not yet been optimized for user experience.

But that ain’t what I come fur to say, Mr. The treailin out of that path lul cost Horee all he ever had-first an inheritnu ce of a fiew thousand dollars, nex’t lw ol fanii ily home, and, lItterly, ithe Isti. Boyd added it Nov 09, Coltrane talked to him persistently and reasonably, reminding him of the simple mountain pleasures of which he had once been so fond, and insisting upon the genuineness of the invitation.

Missis Garvev says a fam’ly buryin’ groun’- is a sho’ sign of quality. I reckon, as usual. We been recognized, Missis Garvey says, by the best society.

Identifier Unique identifying numbers for this writing in the Portal or other systems. The mountain air will soon clear it up.

Bargaineer Garvey looked, Goree glanced at his face. The horses kept pace, side by side, and the Colonel’s arm kept him steady. Simply put, the Portal to Texas History is transforming how we research, write and teach Texas history!

While in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he sent manuscripts to New York editors. Thit laily hunt at aids had arranged itself accordingly, and to him was assigned the iunoble iart of the on- blackhack. These things represented to him the applied power of wealth, but there slumbered in his dingy cabin an ambition that soared far above his primitive wants.

Coltrane left him in his mood, relying upon the influence of changed surroundings to restore his equilibrium.

Feuds, slightly damaged — two hundred, I believe you said, Mr. They’ll see I’m no back number yet, x any means. Evidently the colonel did not believe the story of his lost wealth; so Goree retired again into brooding silence.