CONTENTS. Introduction PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles. Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man. Introduction 5. PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man Wallace Wattles, This times I’ve decided to talk about a great book, yet still widely unknown: A New Christ.

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In that country and climate, the wants of Jesus and His disciples were few and simple, and they seem to have been fully supplied. He lived every page He could pray for no greater good than that they might be “one with the Father,” even as He was one with the Father. The scientist and the religionist watttles mystic are both reaching out for something on which to pin their faith.

He illustrates it by showing that the birds know no anxiety; they live in the Father’s kingdom. We start right where we are, looking at experiences and ideas from all sides, examining them and seeking more light on them. Its cardinal doctrine is that the individual should own, absolutely and without question, everything which they need or can use individually; and that the right to hold private property should be limited only when we come to those things which a man cannot operate without exploiting other men.

The next step, our next duty, is to harness and control and use the emotional drive to create a new world, a world where jealousy, hatred and fear are replaced by love. Set up a giveaway. It is said that when one of the brethren needs a hair-cut his wife turns a bowl or basin bottom upward over his head and cuts away all the hair that comes below it. As the outcome of your faith you obtain the salvation of your souls.

Wallace D. Wattles – A new Christ

For instance, suppose we are perfectionists—suppose we are drivers with a tremendous inner urge that doesn’t let us rest. This qallace what Jesus said. We wonder where our freedom has been leading us, for now we come up against what seems to be the grave issue of survival in the atomic age.

Our father put this here and I’ve got here first and it’s mine! We become aware of that Divine Something within us which we do not fully comprehend, but which we know somehow is the key to man’s unfoldment. We no longer feel inadequate, but we are consumed with a great desire to stride out ahead and beyond our earth-bound limitations. W hen He was crucified the soldiers cast lots for His clothing because it was too fine to cut up, as they would have done with the garments of an ordinary man; and on the night of His betrayal, when Judas went.

Wattoes best known work is a book called The Science of Getting Rich in which he explained how to become wealthy. It is now a problem of organization.

In its conquered provinces, the people were left, as far as possible, with their own local government and institutions of justice, the function of the Roman officials being to extort tribute, or collect taxes. Story of Christianity Volume 2: I cannot bear to see it. He wore fine clothes, had plenty to eat and drink, and had money to give away.

Would you like to vastly increase your wealth, success, well-being, and happiness? By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. We do not mean the strong, individualized characteristics which make men outstanding in constructive, human achievement. Every modern preacher, with fewexceptions, denies his Master whenever he speaks of social problems.

This series will not be an attempt to prove something about Christ; it will be an effort to ascertain by scientific study, what He was, how He lived, and what He taught. And He told them how He did what He did, and how any other man might do the same, and even greater works. Whenever He went into a synagogue He. We must surrender the selfish, grasping, ruthless part of man’s nature, that part of him which promotes himself at the expense of others, is quick to blame others, harbors resentments and worries, and is indeed altogether unlovely.

And so they complained to Jesus; and He answered them: He must have been letter-perfect in the books of the Jewish law, for He was always able to rout His adversaries by making apt quotations from their own books.

The common concept of Christ was given to the church by the priests of the dark ages, at a time when a religious ideal was wanted which should induce men to be content with slavery, and to bow their necks to every kind of wrong and oppression; and this concept was dhrist almost wholly from the poetry of Isaiah; the Christ of the churches is the Christ of Isaiah, and our ideas of Him are not drawn at all from an impartial study of the history of His life.

Socialism would chris extend private property. W hat is a father’s kingdom like?

A New Christ by Wallace Wattles & Henry Drummond

He says in the sermon on the mount; “It is your father who feeds and cares for you; be his children in mind and will, as you are in fact. Would not that father say, “M y will will not be done until you, with your brothers and sisters, go together to the Supply I have provided. The Apostles were communist organizers. Well, in this life-changing book, you’ll learn how to do just that. Now, remember that Jesus taught and spoke in the Aramaic, a dialect which had entirely supplanted the Hebrew among the Jews of Palestine, and that His sayings, in that language, were held in memory about seventy years before they appeared in the Greek, written in the manuscripts of the gospels; and that from the Greek they were translated into the English of years ago, in our King James version.

W hat seems to be evil is always the result of partial knowledge.

A New Christ by Wallace D. Wattles

Having willed to do the will of God, and having asked God to receive you into Himself, nothing is left you but chrkst declare, “I and my Father are one. We are aware of negative emotions that must be transformed into constructive forces. This is the free will that God gives him. We are always in the same place.

John of the Cross. Leaving Church Barbara Brown Taylor.

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal. Here, then, is our answer.