Complete summary of J. B. Priestley’s Angel Pavement. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Angel Pavement. Though disdained and lampooned by the literati, the author of Angel Pavement was extraordinarily successful in his day. It’s our loss if his. Buy Angel Pavement by J. B. Priestley from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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If you are interested in social pavemeny this is a fantastic book, I loved the detail, for instance the tobacconists shop round the corner from the office, Turgis setting out for the bright lights of London’s West End on a Saturday night or the dreadful dinner party with the couple recently back from Singapore.

Angel Pavement did it. Retrieved 13 May A tale of common life experience, of fantasies and fears coming true.

JB Priestley: adventures of the ‘tradesman of letters’

Its real subject is detachment, the absolute conviction expressed by most of its characters that their lives would be better lived out elsewhere, doing other things and in the company of other people. Aug 30, Keith rated it really liked it Shelves: A bit darker and, as a result, not as enjoyable a read as Good Companions or Festival, but certainly more realistic. At any rate, it is one step up from being damned as a tradesman of letters by a woman who lived on dividend payments.

In literary, social and political terms he was very much the last great man of English letters. I really felt that as an honorary Yorkshire woman, now living close to Bradford, I must read Priestley. Don’t tell me you like that. One would not feel like attacking such a “competent and agreeable novel”, Orwell writes, “if Mr Priestley had not been so extravagantly praised. My copy was so battered and yellowed it was probably bought not long after it was printed!

Sep 16, Estott rated it really liked it. I suppose Priestley has gone out of fashion; this ne My first J. He is such fun to read —even when the subject is deadly serious. A man comes into the office offering to supply them with cheaper veneers could this be the salvation of the company? Views Read Edit View history. Angel Pavement First edition. On Saturday night his wife’s cousin, Fred Mitty, and his family, arrive for a party, and Mr Smeeth quickly comes to loathe them after they wreck the parlour and damage some of his clothes.

London, England United Kingdom. As usual for Priestley, the characters are wonderfully developed, although in this case he shows more weaknesses and faults than quirks.

However heartfelt, this is also faintly disingenuous, for a close inspection of what was being written about him at the time suggests that he was being punished less for his success than for the sometimes wildly exaggerated claims made on his behalf.

Do a bit of fretwork. Aug 02, Kerri Thomas rated it really liked it. It is vintage Priestley. Priestley John Boynton Priestley was one of the great literary figures of the twentieth century.

Presumably not fashionable in his own time, they were probably keen to forget the War had ever been. Mr Golspie arrives with a dispatch case containing a sample book of veneers and inlays, and asks to see Mr Dersingham.

Angel Pavement provides readers with a vivid picture of ordinary London life before the war and the blitz changed everything dramatically and is set against the background of the great depression.

His son George seems to be employed by crooks, and Mr Golspie makes an arrangement with Mr Dersingham which strikes Smeeth as suspicious. Show 25 25 50 All.

Gennady Tarabukin rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Priestleypublished in after the enormous success of The Good Companions. Order by newest oldest recommendations. All this was, and is, horribly unfair — there were angek more plausible candidates for highbrow disdain in the 30s than the author of English Journey — and yet, as nearly always happens when the intelligentsia takes against a particular behemoth of the book clubs, a certain amount of the mud has stuck.

The catalyst of the tale is the arrival at the firm of a man of no scruples, Mr Golspie, who intends to use the firm to make a lot of money very pavemrnt and then get out.

It’s pretty obvious from the beginning that things will not end well, but the characters are all well drawn. He returns to his rented room and considers suicide.

It is packed with life and death and real people and colour and smells and the sounds of music and the tastes of food and drink. The party is not a success, firstly because of the incompetence of the servants and secondly because of the unexpected arrival of the daughter, Lena Golspie, who quarrels with Miss Verever and Mrs Dersingham.

Priestley, an author I’ve been meaning to try for years; this reading was partly inspired by going to see a production of ‘When we are married’ at the West Yorkshire Playhouse a month or so past.

We begin by midbook to get the feeling that things may not work out for the best, as they do in the movies. He powerfully evokes the social background of the period, especially the constant fear of unemployment among people who lived from week to week and could barely afford to save.

As it turns out, there are 2 of them – one from the 50s and one from the 60s unfortunately nowhere to be found for downloading. View all 6 comments.

Angel Pavement | work by Priestley |

Smeeth, the office manager, yearns for safety and security but has always feared that he will not have it. After a short delay, he is admitted to Mr Dersingham’s office, and there is a long discussion, after which both men leave mysteriously. Golspie looks set to change its fortunes. What she actually said was harmless enough but her tone of voice, her expression, her smile, her glance, all these suggested that her words had some devilish inner meaning Priestley is saying through the lives of his characters ‘be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it’, but he is also saying that out of great pain and upheaval, life can improve because we become wiser and more mature.

A slice-of-life of Londoners in the lates. Be sure, life will never be the same again for all those concerned with the firm