DA FORM , ACTIVE, 07/01/, INDIVIDUAL FLIGHT RECORDS AND FLIGHT CERTIFICATE-ARMY (FLYING HOURS WORK SHEET), TRADOC. APFT – ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST. DA FORM , JUNE LEGEND: BODY COMPOSITION. EVENT. TIME lbs. %. GO / NO-GO. Title DA form Create da form in minutes using a fillable PDF editor. The DA Form , known as an Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard, is used to keep a record of a .

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Removed FM and added TC 3. Fi,lable Questions Why do I keep watching the same video? Updated to universal app – runs on iPad and iPhone. Developer Website App Support. More updates to come!

It also allows for instant viewing of fillab,e PT score card for pass, fail, or max scores. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. What should i do my 16 yr old son is smoking? What type of black women do white men like? Data is NOT emailed to some unknown location.

Where can I find my latest PT card or DA Form 705, I believe, on AKO?

Why is booty such a beautiful thing? Please check out my gig http: Multiple runner scores can be tracked! Updated for use with filllable 7 Updated publications and forms to most current versions as of July Added keyboard entry for PT scores and screening table weight Added raw points, maximum and minimum counts for events when calculating scores Fillwble APFT instructions for events Squashed many bugs.

Otherwise you won’t find it. Two thongs don’t make a tight? Forms are automatically filled from within the app!

‎Army Fitness APFT Calculator on the App Store

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Visit on FaceBook https: Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr? Updated to universal App – now runs full screen on iPad Added ability filalble delete a picture stored for a Soldier Added ffillable to resize font for PT instructions Fix issue that would not allow pushup, situp, and run lap counters and timers to be accessed Fixed not being able to save a new Soldier with picture Fixed not being able to save rank or unit information Fixed unit and shirt number being off the screen when editing Fixed duplicate information when emailing body fat and PT text Fixed Soldier lists not being updated when Soldier information changed Graphical user interface enhancement for iPhone 5 Updated body fat calculations for measurements not listed in accordance with AR June Do you believe playing the race card constantly in politics is a sign of a shallow human being?

It fiolable alternate aerobic events and extended scale scores. Fixed app crashing when opening in iOS Email the forms and continue to edit PureEdge data on a computer!

Reorganized the order of tools. Information Seller James Delemar. Updated publications and forms to most current versions to date. Soldier Forms and Documents. Even tried uninstalling, restarting my phone.

Other than that a great app to quickly see where the guys are at. A general in the United States Army wants to be my sugar daddy? Fixed crash when adding Soldiers. Tools are included for counting pushups, situps, and run laps.

DA Form APFT Scorecard

Can you believe this? There is no other APFT program as complete as this one!

Can I find it on AKO? Added tools for body fat calculation and screening table weight. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?