Aroj Ali Matubbar by × ; 70 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Bangladesh. 0 references. British Raj. Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh. By Ajoy Roy. The Background. I would not like to elaborate the concept of Rationalism in front of. Matubbar, Aroj Ali () self-taught philosopher, was born on 17 December to a farming family in the village of Lamchari in barisal.

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Aroj Ali Matubbar

Einstein’s formulation of theory of relativity is another example where deductive approach was followed. Those who believe in other religions will not be saved. On the contrary, priests of all communities assert that their own religion is the only true religion and so no other religion is true.

You said there were one lakh twenty four thousand of prophets, but only nineteen names are found in Quaran, Then where are the rest? The Bengali version of the article has been later published in Swatantra Bhabna Ankur, All these are quite simple and straight forward.

Matubbar was arrested and taken into arooj custody for his book, Sotyer Shondhaney The Quest for Truth.

Ta Hole Sakal Dharmei. Matubar Bagavat Geeta it can be gauged that two people Devata and Asura belonged two different anthropological races. This page was last edited on 13 Juneat He wanted to have a photograph of his deceased mother, and bought a photographer from the district town.

Aroj Ali Matubbar – Wikidata

First published in BS [ ]. Who am I self? He left behind many manuscripts awaiting publications.

In Indiamore particularly in Bengal the rationalism is not devoid of Humanism. I would just give here two examples: It took long twenty years to publish the book.

Archived from the original on 23 July His first publication is based on his thoughts on religious rituals and many Islamic fundamental principles accepted mztubbar a common Muslim without questioning. Aroj Ali Matubbor was a truly homegrown philosopher without any formal academic training. Proposition V, dealing Nature containing as many as 10 questions.

His life was an amazing fighting against poverty, superstition, and fundamentalism. Accepting a thing without doubt ultimately leads to belief. The eight questions he posed in the first proposition exemplify his approach.

Is Life incorporeal or corporal? In one of his famous songs he pointed out: For this reason, Aroj Ali Matubbar began his fight against orthodoxy, obstructionism and religious narrowness with weapons of scientific rationalism drawing his inspiration from our folk tradition.

Moreover, these highly learned and very wise men also showed the path to be followed by the people matubbsr their social and practical life. Proposition I, dealing with soul containing 8 questions.

Seejer phool flowers of Seez [collection of few poems dealing with ethics]. However he did not accept the rigid methods of learning there, and left it. But who were Asuras?

Aroj Ali Matubbar – Wikipedia

What was their root of culture and religion? In this manner, making enquiries about the whys and wherefores, man has built up the massive structure of science today. Retrieved from ” https: Destitute, Matubbar grew up somehow on the charity of others and by working as a farm laborer. This page was last modified on 4 Marchat There prevailing countless blind faiths and superstitions in the society. However the Maqtab did not last long. Generally that which we call religion is an imaginary religion of man.

He, like many talented geniuses, had not attended any formal institution of learning.