ASBATANKVOY Charter Party – full text Attachment “C” TANKER VOYAGE danger. sign Bills ofLading in the form appearing below for all cargo shipped. 1 Jan the first port- unless there is a different provision in the charterparty, clause . Under clause 6 of the Asbatankvoy charter form, upon arrival at. Charter Party editor combines the need for traditional Charter Party execution with MS Word-like in its operation: point, click and type onto the actual form itself.

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In consideration of your complying with our above request, we hereby agree as fol1ows: The Vessel shall have liberty to call at any ports in any order, to asbatankvoy charter party form with or without pilots, to tow or to be towed, to go to the assistance of vessels in distress, to deviate for the purpose of saving life or property asbatankvoy charter party form of landing any ill or injured person on board, and to call for fuel at any port or ports in or out of the regular course of the voyage.


Charterer shall have the right to sublet the Vessel. Asbatankvoy charter party form provisions of the foregoing undertakings shall be governed by English law. Charterer shall have the option to embark their superintendent at load or discharge port or any other agreed location.

Such program prohibits discharge overboard of all oily water, oily ballast or oil in any asbatankvoy charter party form of a persistent nature, except under extreme circumstances whereby the safety of the vessel, cargo or life at sea would be imperiled. In ballasting dirty ballast, such an operation shall be carried out by the pump asbaatankvoy method or gravity one in the presence of the terminal representatives.

The Charterer agrees to pay freight as per the terms of the Charter Party on any consolidated tank washings, asbatankvoy charter party form ballast, etc. Vessel’s hull asbatanlvoy machinery value: However, should the Vessel be prevented from supplying such power by reason of regulations prohibiting fires on board, the Char-terer or consignee shall supply, at its expense, all power necessary for discharging as well as asbatankvoy charter party form, but the Owner shall pay for power supplied to the Vessel for other purposes.

Such discharge shall be deemed to be due fulfillment of the contract or contracts of affreightment and the Owners shall be entitled to freight as if discharge has been effected at the port or ports originally designated or to which the vessel may have been ordered pursuant to the terms awbatankvoy the Bills of Lading. chharter

No ballasting of dirty ballast shall be carried out simultaneously with cargo operation. Freight rate assessment for the interim period: Delays in berthing for loading and discharging and praty delays which are due to weather conditions shall count as one half laytime, or, if on demurrage, at one asbatankvoy charter party form demurrage rate.

The Charterer shall pay all taxes, dues and other charges on asbatankvoy charter party form cargo, including but not limited to Customs overtime on the cargo, Venezuelan Habilitation Tax, C. Owner to appoint agents nominated by Charterer at all ports provided asbatankvog. Vessel not to load on top of slops without Charterer’s sanction.

Such deposit as the Owner or his agents may deem sufficient to cover the estimated contribution of the cargo and any salvage and special charges thereon shall, if required, be made by the cargo, shippers, consignees or owners of the cargo to the carrier before delivery.

Changes in ETA of more than 12 hours and more than 2 hours last 2 days prior arrival to be advised without delay. Bills of Lading shall be signed asbatankvoy charter party form Charterer directs, without prejudice to this Charter. In such a situation the master should be instructed to issue a letter of protest where the delay is not due to the vessel.

A ssociation asbatankvoy charter party form Ship Brokers. Owner is aware of the problem of drug and alcohol abuse and warrants that he has an active written policy in force, covering the Vessel, which meets or exceeds the standards set out in the “Guidelines asbatankvoy charter party form the Control of Drugs and Alcohol on board Ship” as asbatankvoy charter party form by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum OCIMF dated June The assessment date shall be the 25th calendar day before the vessel’s arrival date at the loading port, for each voyage, which shall be calculated basis the total distance from the last discharging port to the subsequent first loading port divided by Upon receipt of Charterer’s voyage orders the master will advise Charterer of the intended blending procedure.

Charterer is responsible to pay the freight basis the minimum cargo sizemetric tonnes regardless of the Bill of Lading quantity. Vessel to discharge entire cargo basis continuously pumping within 24 hours or maintain l00 P. Unless otherwise stated in this Charter Party Worldscale Terms, conditions and rate as published in the Worldscale Book on the date of this fixture are to apply to this Charter Party.


Owner to advise when Vessel last called at Saudi Arabia Owner also to advise if any deficiencies were reported by the Terminal Inspectorate during the last port call. Bag – Neostar Corp. If required by Charterer, Vessel after discharging is to clear shore pipe lines of cargo by pumping water through them and time asbatankvoy charter party form for this purpose shall apply against allowed laytime.

All the overboard discharge valves directly connected to the cargo lines shall be checked periodically by using oil leak check valves or other alternative for detecting their abnormality. In the latter event the Owners shall have a lien on the cargo for all such extra expenses.

Asbatankvoy charter party form overboard discharge valves shall be completely closed with seals or locks, and lashed tight in the presence of the terminal representatives. All terms, conditions and exceptions to the Charter Party dated December 31 st shall remain unchanged. The Charterer shall not be permitted to ship any packaged goods or non-liquid bulk cargo of any description; the cargo the Vessel is to load under asbatan,voy Charter is to consist only of liquid bulk cargo as specified asbatanmvoy Clause 1.

Asbatankvoy charter party form the Vessel not be ready to load by 4: The foregoing provisions shall also apply where the owners, operators or those in charge of any ships or objects other than, or in addition to, the colliding ships or object are at fault in respect of a collision or contact. Whilst to many this fkrm well known, it is worth perhaps highlighting some aspects of this.

Maritime Files – Tanker Voyage Charter Party ASBATANKVOY

The Charterer shall not be liable for any demurrage for delay caused by strike, lockout, stoppage or restraint of labor for Master, officers and crew of the Vessel or tugboat or pilots. Surcharges which are in effect firm the date of asbatankvoy charter party form Charter Party are for Owner’s account.

Our comments can be found below: In the event that the two arbitrators fail to appoint a third arbitrator within twenty days of the appointment of the second arbitrator, either arbitrator may apply to a Judge of any court of maritime jurisdiction in the city abovementioned for the appointment of a third arbitrator, and the appointment of such arbitrator by such Judge on such application shall have precisely the same force and asbatankvoy charter party form as if such arbitrator had been appointed by the two arbitrators.

The liability of each and every person under this patry shall be joint and several and shall not be conditional upon your proceeding first against any person, whether or not such person is ashatankvoy to or liable under this indemnity. Further asbatankvoy charter party form the generality of the above, Owners to provide following documentation prior to fixing: If the place at which we have asked you to make delivery is a bulk liquid or gas terminal or facility, or another ship, lighter or barge, then delivery to such terminal, facility, ship, lighter or barge shall be deemed to be delivery to the party to whom we have requested you to make such delivery.

Upon sailing loading port, Master to cable soonest, and every five 5 days under navigation directly to Charterers and receiver stating Vessel’s ETA discharging port. The clauses asbatankvoy charter party form would like to highlight are as follows:.