1 Jun ASTM D Standard Recommended Practice for Preparation of Metal. Surfaces for Adhesive Bonding. ASTM D Standard Guide for. dure is described in ASTM D and involves the application of an anodizing potential to the metal while it is immersee in a dilute phosphoric acid bath. ASTM-D › Complete Document History Standard Guide for Preparation of Aluminum Surfaces for Structural Adhesives Bonding (Phosphoric Acid Anodizing).

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Phosphoric Acid Anodizing (PAA Process, primarily for adhesive bonding of aluminum)

We are trying to get BAC compliant since it is going to astm d3933 used as the “straw man” for the new Nadcap spec. Techniques for Adhesives by R. Phosphoric acid anodizing is done with stainless steel cathodes. Specifically, little protruding oxide fingers rise right up out of the aluminum – I’m not sure that a smooth surface or a rough surface would have any difference – a clean and properly deoxidized surface astm d3933 behave identically given the same electrolyte, current density, etc.

Can you help me with a process astm d3933 Phosphoric acid anodizing. The formation of reproducible, durable, adhesive bonds in structural assemblies requires great care in the selection of materials, the preparation of the surfaces of the components to be bonded, the fit of the astk, and the performance of the steps in the bonding process. A specific precaution is given in 5. If you are astm d3933 about Nadcap, the astm d3933 results should be available on their website at the astm d3933 of the month.

Chromic acid etch, sand blast, bi-fluoride etch, sanding. My main question is what is the recommended cathode material for this chemistry? This public forum has 60, threads. Currently, Nadcap does not have a specific PAA spec, but one will be handed down soon after their quarterly meeting this month. To astm d3933 more info available with less searching, we’ve combined together onto this page a number of previously separate threads about r3933 acid anodizing.

One option was to eliminate the entire process and propose Ion Beam Assisted Deposition treatment to the components. I am trying out Phosphoric Acid anodizing for a new customer. I have just astm d3933 atm large phosphoric anodize job. PAA and Chromic acid anodizing are thin coatings which I wouldn’t expect to have qstm the bad effect on fatigue strength astm d3933 much thicker coatings like sulfuric anodizing have, yet they are somewhat porous and adhere to the substrate well, d39333 being corrosion resistant.

Notes are optional and private. The values given in parentheses are for information only. What is the temp of those tanks?

Durable adhesive bonds between metal to metal, metal to composites can astm d3933 obtained reliably only through proper selection and careful control of the materials used and the steps in the bonding process.

You may find something on the web under PAA or BAC, or you can do a literature search which will astm d3933 you some data, or consider contacting Boeing’s commercial development office about licensing BAC That is a management decision. My company has a small phosphoric acid anodize set-up for prepping Al and Al. We would like to know if it is astm d3933 normal for the solution to turn a yellow color after processing. Improper surface astm d3933 can produce seemingly acceptable bonds that can degrade rapidly with time.

Is this the fungus that I have read about or something else? Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.

I have astm d3933 warned that most CAA processes use a fluorine wash which destroys bondability of 2xxx series aluminums, and that astm d3933 must cure for 24 hours before primer is applied. The preparation of the metallic substrates to obtain surfaces with appropriate characteristics is a critical step.

It is used as a surface preparation for bonding. Is it possible for an aluminum surface to have too low of a surface roughness for phosphoric acid anodizing?

This guide describes one method on how to properly prepare aluminum surfaces can be obtained. Our current system needs to be improved upon. Joel, there are some very astm d3933 requirements concerning bonding using PAA. I am skeptical-any truth to this? I am working asfm a US Air Astm d3933 base. If you are interested, one I might suggest is Surface Prep.

Phosphoric acid anodizing per BAC5555 and ASTM D3933-98

Register or Log in for direct access to additional content. There is very little information on this astm d3933 process. March 16, A. There is an engineering document qstm need to be qualified to for Boeing work.

Does the astm d3933 solution turn astm d3933 with continued use? If you have further questions, please feel free to follow up.

I would suggest starting there astm d3933 some of the engineering requirements then go to the PAA spec. We have been told that the sulfuric acid process is more temperature sensitive, and we might have to install a chiller and a heat exchanger to control the temperature.

Sorry for the non-definitive answer. Will it require a different sealer, such as with sodium chromate? Hello, I am working on a Epoxy joint on Aluminium. James Watts – Navarre, Florida 2 of 2 simultaneous responses A.

It is astm d3933 book time. Others tell me that PAA requires primer application within 3 hours of anodizing and near clean room asgm to avoid subsequent damage.

This adhesive is required to maintain a tensile adhesion bond strength of not less than 3.