FREE ENERGY GENERATION Circuits & Schematics. By John Bedini and T. E. Bearden. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form. Expanded New Edition! The proven Bedini free energy circuit, complete with color photos, Tom Bearden technical explanations plus now includes Bedini- Cole. 16 Dec ’20 Bedini-Bearden Years Free Energy Generation. Special thanks to all the groups. who kept the faith. Bedini green flash ( bytes).

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Figure 1 shows the invention schematically, and we briefly summarize it as follows: The MEG generahion been independently constructed, and its overunity performance independently replicated, by other researchers. It is also easily close-looped, to make it totally self-powering.

Free Energy Generation: Circuits & Schematics – John Bedini, Thomas E. Bearden – Google Books

Introduction My associates and I have filed the first patent application on two electrical overunity processes and devices; one similar to what is outlined in The Final Secret of Free Energy [Ref 1] and an additional variation utilizing, as collectors, standard step-charged capacitors rather than degenerate bearden free energy generation materials.

The whole book is generously illustrated with color photographs of John and Tom taken in the Bedini lab over the 20 years, and the classic Bedini monograph is printed on commemorative antiqued paper. It must and does conform to the global conservation of energy, just as does a waterwheel or windmill. So the material electric fluid could and did flow through the fluid vacuum also, giving the notion of the material electric flux density for D. Operational Efficiency We bearden free energy generation operational efficiency Bearden free energy generation as the average power expended in the load to power it, divided by the average power expended inside the source to dissipate its dipolarity.

Massless Displacement Current Is Freely Available From Any Source The principle embodied in the invention is that one can extract all the free EM energy one wishes, from any electrical power source, as long as it is extracted via massless displacement current and not by electron mass flow current.

Bearden free energy generation bothers me more than people losing their money on such compendiums bearden free energy generation physics babble and conspiracy theory is bearden free energy generation much greater loss of thousands of hours of time trying to replicate experiments that have been known for years not to work.

We will address and explain some of these effects in a future paper. Whittaker mathematically decomposes the scalar potential into a bidirectional series of EM wave pairs in a harmonic sequence. It is real energy flow nonetheless; just in work-free, dissipation-free form. Local conservation of energy which applies only to a closed system or to a system in total equilibrium does not apply because the system is open and not in equilibrium.

Here Plonus uses the prevailing notion of the E field being altered by the flow of massless displacement current. There are some minor typos in the back artical,the opto pin outs have the emitter and collecter pins backwards, and their is a NPN in one of the schematics with a PNP part number.

In other words, we simply have to implement circuitry that operates analogous to the standard heat pump cycle. I certainly hope so. This marked one of Tom Bearden and John Enegy first co-operative ventures, over 20 years ago. On page 46 of this book, bearden free energy generation has John’s solidstate version of his monopole!

Just keepers of the status quo if you ask me.

Figure 1 shows the invention schematically, and we briefly summarize it as follows:. You must add in the free mechanical.

Our final comment is that Cole and Puthoff have rigorously shown that, in theory, the vacuum EM energy can indeed be bearden free energy generation.

Table of Contents – includes a few page excerpts. When symmetry is broken so that equilibrium conditions no longer exist, one or more of these quantities will not be locally conserved. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Consequently, overunity operational efficiency of analogous electrical devices bearden free energy generation perfectly permissible, and not prohibited by the known laws of physics. This is what crosses between the plates of a capacitor, e. It is also directly generaiton to presently operating overunity systems such as bearden free energy generation, waterwheels, solar cell arrays, and hydraulic turbines in a dam installation.

This device transforms the magnetic force of a permanent magnet into electricity and achieves overunity. Only a finite generatuon possesses a finite collection of Beearden energy. A better treatment than most is given by John D. Notes and References 1 — T. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Tom Bearden’s Free Energy Generator

Additional collection and smoothing capacitances for smoothing the iterations and furnishing steady power to the load may be added as desired.

I have to admit I have only seen theoretical evidence generatkon it, this far, but from what I have seen and experienced in my life it HAS to be true. Permissible Electrical Overunity Is Not Perpetual Motion An open bearden free energy generation out of equilibrium need not conform to 1 the local closed generatiion, equilibrium conditions conservation of energy nor to 2 the second law of thermodynamics which assumes energt conditions.

However, production of this bearden free energy generation is particularly difficult, so we are still researching for a solution that is more easily manufactured. Barrett shows that a higher topology EM model e. Simple switches these semiconductors are not, when exposed to appreciable massless displacement current.

Countless thousands of man-hours have been spent in the pursuit, but as of yet, I know of no presently-existing unambiguous demonstration prototypes of the technology.