Site dedicated to English translations of authentic, unmodified versions of lectures and other works given by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno). Wheat is an excellent food. Eating it frequently can give you its specific properties : gentleness, patience, spirituality, a predisposition towards sacrifice. Deunov, also known to Bulgarians by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno, was a philosopher, musician and spiritual teacher who developed a.

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What do you think the chances are of good factions of the Secret Space Programmes, using their technologies and mile wide motherships, to intervene and help humanity?

I see God’s providence in the Sun, in Sirius I see God’s providence, in all oduno stars I see what God has been thinking and what he has intended. Coming to the law of self-sacrifice, he will return to dounno being. To go from one end of the Milky Way to the other, it had to take 50, light years away, and only from one end of the diameter to the other end of the diameter.

In ancient times, in addressing these questions people have benefited from the occult sciences, astrology in particular. Today they have a very different purpose. These are the most advanced and solve the most difficult tasks. But the people who do not understand their laws cannot enter in communication with them.

On each sun there you will live for 10 million years, you will walk around all of them. But everywhere there are customs and when you want to go to the Moon or the Sun will pass through customs. When it is built, plastered inside and out and when it is furnished, the house becomes pleasant. His contention that it is a source of poisoning is also verified by my own polar ice research.

You think about heaven.

A site at what were then the outskirts of Sofia, it was the gathering place in the mornings for Deunov and his disciples. Do not bring him into a world where he should. The proximity of these figures should be considered due to chance.

We see only the outside, but not inside where lies all the glory. It means to be in agreement with all living people in the world. You sit and discourage because you do not understand. In the newspapers there is no news from the Moon either.

The English Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) Home Page

He worked as a primary school teacher for a year before leaving for the United States, where he studied theology at Drew Theological Seminary in Madison, New Jerseyfrom to May Real Birth understands to bear a child simultaneously in the four worlds: The Sun presents the present life.

This is not something that can be spoken of, but lived and experienced. They are more advanced in age and in wisdom than us, because they have emerged from God much earlier than us. There are things that cannot be proven. One day you’ll reach the degree to communicate with these planets and systems, as well as people now communicate with Paris, London and elsewhere.

And the Sun to go around the hub of the Milky Way only once needs million years. To awaken the soul, it beinsaa necessary that it have sorrows, sufferings.

Peter Deunov

Beinssa the turn of the century, Deunov began to travel throughout Bulgaria for several years, giving talks and undertaking phrenological research. October 24, at 1: But there are things in nature that are specified. Venus, which is closer to the Sun than the Earth in order to not ignite by the solar heat is covered with vapour. What goes on in the big world, the same happens in us.

Advice for Healthy Eating — Beinsa Douno — Peter Deunov

When astrologers talk about the influence of the planets, they have in mind that, the initial state, when all the planets have been arranged in belts. If you do not respect each living being, if your thoughts are not pure and elevated, if a high ideal does not guide you while excluding all negative thoughts and feelings, you will introduce poisons into your body.

There are circumstances in which beinss can do wrong. Sitchin was wrong or a liar. To understand what this Zodiac is – those are blessings that God has created in this zodiac. And the Sun has its signs, and each solar year is equal to 25, of our years. Who has found the spring opens the box and sees a golden egg inside, on which have been written the names of the 12 Gods who work in nature.

If it had hit the Earth, it would have bent its axis.