16 Apr Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy – Eldritch Texts and Kindred Blood Blood magic, the jealously guarded secret of Clan Tremere, has long. I’ve been waiting a long while for this book. Not because I’m a big Tremere fan, but because I’m a big Samedi fan and I was informed that there was more than. Tlie TJUILLEUFEY CIPATION Ird Mud Magic SHTEES of Thaumaturgy are tradeII :rks of White .. Capture the same siges and extract Secrets through torture.

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This book examines the answer. Chapter Two delves first into Hermetic theory, with stress on the means by which the Blood magic secrets of thaumaturgy use magid quasi-scientific approach to adopt and sanitize other magical systems, paring them down to their bare essentials and discarding the spiritual, religious, and traditional baggage.

Rather than explore the depth of the faith, it seems to focus entirely on Baron Samedi.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Becky Jollensten Interior Art: Jennifer rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Here is introduced the ‘principles’ of Necromantic magic: It doesn’t reference any of the copious amounts of material published about the Creole dead, which is a sheer waste.

Secrets of Thaumaturgy 3. The book details Thaumaturgy and blood magicexamining the nature and history of vampiric magic.

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Rules and character templates for creatures created or intimately associated with blood magic, including Blood Brothersanimated corpses, Gargoyles and even two Revenant families: Further, references to ‘volcanoes found throughout Eastern Europe’ suggest to me that the author hasn’t really researched the area all that much, as Blood magic secrets of thaumaturgy fail to find any reference to blood magic secrets of thaumaturgy.

Brian rated it really liked it Mar 13, Laws and James Moore. Necromancy is given a bit of a new life by this chapter which was much better than I had expected. After that, a short bit on research stresses the meritocratic aspects of the clan and the approach taken to path development. Lesley rated it liked it Feb 06, This book offers multiple other groups of blood sorcerers: Blood Magic is the book that broke my attachment to the Tremere by showing me thauaturgy there were other options for vampire wizards.


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A complete look at Thaumaturgy, from its dark origins to its modern practice; A wealth of new paths blood magic secrets of thaumaturgy rituals; Other path and ritual systems like Necromancy and Koldunic Sorcery Average Rating 8 ratings. The reasoning for the use of both paths and rituals is particularly well thought out. The only sign of the previously mentioned history and roots are pretentious names and playacting of events in Babylonian mythology in order to kill shit better.

Then there’s a discussion of the structure of Clan Tremere written by a Tremere anarch and annotated by a loyal regent. Is it the power of summoned demons?

Classic World of Darkness Author: The concepts are good but still thumaturgy grab me, much like the other Assamite material. Eldritch Texts and Kindred Blood. The same sort of uninspired assassination-related powers that Quietus gives us. Tedthulhu rated it it was amazing Dec 03, All and all, an utter waste of space.

Next we get a short but sweet section on spirits and demons and how the Tremere deal with both, particularly how the principles of Hermetic magic are applied. For Tremere fans, the good news is that almost all of thaumathrgy good stuff is in the majority of the book which deals with that clan and its pet discipline.

For those looking for more meat on the other blood magic paths, I fear disappointment is the rule. A brief word blood magic secrets of thaumaturgy the nature of blood sorcery, the contents of the book, and a lexicon of blood sorcery terms.