In this study, the phytochemical profile of extracts from the flowers of Bromelia laciniosa was characterized. The total phenolic and flavonoids contents were. Bromelia laciniosa (left); Neoglaziovia variegata (middle); and Encholirium spectabile (right) grown in Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brazil. Photos. Molecules. Sep 6;22(9). pii: E doi: /molecules Non- Polar Natural Products from Bromelia laciniosa, Neoglaziovia variegata and.

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The results confirmed the presence and identities of several long-chain alkanes.

However, the vitamin has been found in the distant relative A. Compounds identified from hexane extracts of leaves of B. Antinociceptive effect of Encholirium spectabile: Figure 1which belong to the subfamily Bromelioideae, and Encholirium spectabile Mart.

Plant Systematics and Evolution. Triterpenoids and Derivatives Therefrom Altogether, seven triterpenoids were identified from the investigated Bromeliaceae species Figure 4.

Octadecanoic acid Stearic acid. Click here for additional data file. Implementing phytosterols into medical practice as a cholesterol—Lowering strategy: Find articles by Ole Johan Juvik. The family is currently divided into eight subfamilies [ 1 ], and the two species, Bromelia laciniosa Mart. Retrieved from ” https: Find articles by Torgils Fossen.

The quantitative amount of the two n -alkanes identified from all of the species seems to be largest in the crude extract from E.

Altogether, seven triterpenoids were identified from the investigated Bromeliaceae species Figure 4. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The relative quantities of each compound were calculated based on the peak heights in the total ion chromatogram.

Find articles by Ana Paula de Oliveira. Recent development in cryoprobe technology has made it possible to characterized complex natural products with concentrations as low as in the micromolar range.

Consequently, extended use of available drought resistant food plants should be encouraged. Antimicrobial potential of ethanol extracts of plants against Gram-negative bacilli isolated from cervicovaginal mucosa of sheep bred in the region of Petrolina-pe. This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY license http: Altogether, six very long-chain n -alkanes were identified Figure 3.

Conflicts of Interest The authors report no conflicts of interest. Flowers, fruit and leaves from B. There is not much information regarding pests and diseases that are specific to Bromelia laciniosaso in absence of this, it may be useful to refer to the prominent pathogens of the bromeliad family. Very long-chain alkanes VLCA are considered to be of interest from a dietary point of view because their long-chain alcohol metabolites may contribute to the cholesterol-lowering effect associated with the intake of plant waxes [ 25 ].

Soaking the seeds of Bromelia laciniosa in acetone for 60 minutes is an effective treatment that increases vigor and germination. Five of the seven triterpenoids have previously been identified from other species of the family Bromeliaceae Compounds 15 — Las gomas de Bromelia serra gris.

File:Bromelia laciniosa (TS) 1-01086.jpg

Ergostanol Compound 16 has bromelja been identified from the two species A. Hydroperoxycycloartanes from Tillandsia recurvata. The volumes were reduced to mL B. Other Compounds The relatively common natural product phytol Figure 3 was identified in the crude extract from E. Seven alkanes with considerably shorter chain lengths, ranging C 12 —C 18have previously been identified from Bromeliaceae spp. Figure 1 and Neoglaziovia variegata Arruda Mez. Find articles by George W.

Differentiation of refined and virgin edible oils by means of the trans – and cis -phytol isomer distribution. A type of bread can be made from masses extracted from the base of the leaves [ 3 ]. At the beginning of the rainy season, N. Very little authoritative information is available about natural products from Bromelia laciniosaand there is absolutely no previous information about Encholirium spectabile and Neoglaziovia variegata.

Bromelia laciniosa ·

Mass spectral fragmentation patterns of individual compounds was compared with that of analogous standard compounds in NIST standard reference Mass Spectral library. Bromleia the first time, the non-polar constituents of B. Nutritional significance and metabolism of very long chain fatty alcohols and acids from dietary waxes.

The surface of the leaves bears absorptive, scale-like trichomes that take up water and nutrients. Materials and Methods 3. CS1 Portuguese-language sources pt Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Support Center Support Center. Brommelia plants of the Caatinga semi-arid vegetation of ne Brazil: Of particular importance may be that the chain lengths of the alkanes identified in B.

The isolation of some new cyclopropane-containing triterpenes from spanish moss Tillandsia usneoidesL. All 2D NMR experiments were recorded without spinning. Bromelia laciniosa natively known as macambirais part of the bromeliad plant family, or in other words, the pineapple family—though not all bromeliads resemble the common pineapple.

Campesterol Compound 15 is a common phytosterol found in many edible plants.