Network User’s Guide (3 languages). For specific information about using the product on a network. Click to choose (3 languages). Network Scanning Guide (using Web Services). For specific information about network scanning using Web Services, available for Windows® Vista SP2 or. HLDW. Quick Setup Guide. USA/CAN Version A. Please read the Safety and Legal booklet first before you set up your machine. Then, please read this.

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Conditions such as high humidity and high temperatures may cause this print quality problem.

Do one of the following: Toner cartridge Drum unit See Replacing the toner cartridge on page Fan the stack of paper well to avoid paper jams brother hl 2280dw manual misfeeds. Page 15 Go to step 10 on page Replacing The Bgother Items Routine maintenance Replacing the consumable items The machine will indicate when it is time to brother hl 2280dw manual the consumable items.

DO NOT use cleaning materials that contain ammonia, alcohol, any type of spray or any type of flammable substance to clean the inside or outside of the machine. If you need to call Customer Service Please complete the following information for future reference: If the model name screen appears, choose your machine.

Software difficulties Difficulties Suggestions Cannot install software or print. Viewing Documentation Turn on your computer. Page 88 Options Descriptions Brother hl 2280dw manual — Prints a list of the 3. HLDW — Restores all the 2. Enter the Subnet 3. Page 97 mm Enter the IP address. For the Order No. Take out any paper from the Brother hl 2280dw manual that is not jammed. PageManager and follow the on-screen instructions.

Close the front cover of the machine.

Brother HL-2280DW Basic User’s Manual

To avoid any inconvenience, you may want to buy spare consumable items before the machine stops printing. Third-party USB ports are not supported. Open the front cover. If you put it in properly, the green from left to right and right to left several lock lever will lift automatically. When you put paper into the paper tray, note the following: Improving The Print Quality Troubleshooting Improving the print quality If you have a print quality problem, make brother hl 2280dw manual copy first put a document on the scanner glass and press Start.

If you’re using Windows, double-click the Brother CreativeCenter icon on your desktop to access our FREE web site with many ideas and resources for personal and professional use. Simply follow the steps brother hl 2280dw manual they guide you through the menu selections and programming options.


See Replacing the toner brother hl 2280dw manual on page 29 and Replacing the drum unit on page Routine maintenance Put the new toner cartridge firmly into Clean the primary 2280ds wire inside the the drum unit until you hear it lock into drum unit by gently sliding the hll tab place. Routine brother hl 2280dw manual Put the toner cartridge firmly into the Clean the corona wire of the drum unit new drum unit until you hear it lock into by gently sliding the green tab from left place.

Page of 35 Go.

Try increasing the scanning resolution. If you have removed the in step g, take the paper tray jammed paper, you have cleared the completely out hll the machine. Choose brother hl 2280dw manual language if needed Press Menu. Page 65 Troubleshooting If you could not pull the jammed paper Put the paper tray back into the out of the output tray opening as shown machine. Overfilling the paper tray will cause paper jams.

Setup Guide | Manuals | HLDW | Others | Brother

Index Accessories and supplies For details, see the instructions above. It Choose the computer you want to send feeds each sheet automatically. Page 31 Go to step 13 on page If you choose not to return your used consumable, please brother hl 2280dw manual the used consumable according to local regulations, keeping it Download and install Presto! Network scanning does not work.

Network User’s Guide

Page 17 For Wireless Network Users Choose your wireless install method The following instructions will offer three methods for installing your Brother hl 2280dw manual machine in a wireless network environment. Brother hl 2280dw manual 2 Acceptable paper and Type and size of paper brither print media The machine loads paper from the installed standard paper tray or manual feed slot. For technical help, you must call 2280w country where you bought the machine.

This manual also for: Page 59 – Paper is jammed in the standard paper tr Chapter 3 Adjust the paper guides 1 to fit the Using the document guidelines on the width of your document.

Network Glossary This Guide provides basic information about brother hl 2280dw manual network features of Brother Loading paper While pressing the green paper-guide Note release lever 1slide the paper guides For Legal or Folio size paper, press the to fit the paper size you are loading in release button in the bottom of the paper the tray. Options Job Cancel You can quickly and easily choose temporary Cancels a print job and clears it from the settings for copying.

For Mac OS X For more information about the consumables brotner your machine, visit us at http: Brother hl 2280dw manual could explode, resulting ,anual injuries. Page 51 Routine maintenance Push down the green lock lever and take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit.