Build a Magneto Magnetizer, Gingery, David J, ISBN Build a Magneto Magnetizer Many people collect and restore old engines and in the process discover that the old iron magnets in the magneto. How to Build a Magneto Magnetizer by David J. Gingery available in Pamphlet on , also read synopsis and reviews. Many people collect and.

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NickL 97 franko 95 Hillbilly bike 91 kevin roberts 77 Jon W. The magnets must never be left off the magneto even temporarily, without placing a steel bar across their poles to serve as a keeper. After most of the 20 pounds is wound, the winding should be planned so the wire magnettizer end near the terminal end of the coil. To insure this, the current should be turned into the electromagnet and magneto magnet suspended over it on a string.

The reader should refer to the March edition of GEM, pages 26 and 27, for further examples of magneto placement on the charger. Once the magneto is positioned, charging is accomplished by closing the switch and letting the current build to a maximum as indicated on the ammeter. Print Thread Rate Thread.

Additional time does nothing but drain the battery. This is not spam or advertisement as we are not really into doing this for others.

How to Build and Use a Homemade Magneto Magnet Charger

Use the auxiliary pole pieces if necessary. The easiest way to see if the poles are as marked is to test with an ordinary compass. The main base is attached to the hand truck using the two pieces of steel angle cut from bed rails. Construction of magneto chargers is not a new subject for GEM. Once the current has built to a maximum, the switch may be opened because a full charge has been delivered to the magneto magnneto.

Note location of auxiliary pole pieces. This second generation design features ease of construction, improved operation, bottom mounted coil terminals and diode protection to prevent excessive switch sparking and coil failure. Chargers have been described in the following issues: This will not recharge newer alnico, samarium, and similar alloy magnets since these need an enormous magnetic impulse beyond the capabilities of this machine.

You can recharge old magneto magnets, and create new iron magnets for experimental purposes.

Building a heavy duty magnet charger

A set of automotive jumper cables attached to the terminal block connects the charger to any 12 volt automotive battery or builv source. After charging, the polarity can be verified by the use of a compass.

The windings will heat up quickly when magnneto use; therefore, the switch should be closed for only a few minutes at a time. A compass needle points north, because the end of the needle is charged south. Size and expense make the charger most practical for club or group use. An auxiliary set of pole pieces in conjunction with the first set is matneto in most charging applications and is essential for magnetos such as the Bosch AB and AB Starting at a distance of about 12 inches, slowly lower the magneto magnet.

Build a Magneto Magnetizer / Imperfect

I used C steel for all components in the magnetic path. Dave will show you how to avoid what few problems you might encounter. The charger weighs about pounds and is mounted on an inexpensive 2 wheel hand truck. Hand truck after modification- ready for mounting the charger.

Mark the poles with the letters N and S to indicate their polarity. If a lathe is not available, coils can be wound by attaching a crank with bolts threaded into each end of the core.

Try to keep the layers uniform with adjacent turns touching tightly. The wheels were replaced with old lawn mower wheels which are stronger. As you begin to lower the magneto magnet towards the electromagnet, the magneto magnet will automatically seek the proper polarity by swinging around and will then be strongly attracted to the magnetoo. Without a healthy spark, the engine won’t run.

The winding for this recharger is for use on 6 or 12 volt direct current, from automobile storage batteries. I should have just pasted in the link. The keeper should remain in place until the magnet is reassembled on the magneto. Subscribe and connect with more than 23, other gas engine collectors and build your knowledge, share your passion and search for parts, in the publication written by and for gas engine enthusiasts! Design for magnet recharger. It is not necessary to remove the covers or put bjild under the armature of this magneto when charging.

Many many years ago I worked at a shop that maagneto these as well as just about magnetic builx you coud want. Also my friend is a electronic genuis so he did all the real work.