Carlos Slim Helú, (born January 28, , Mexico City, Mexico), Mexican entrepreneur who became one of the wealthiest people in the world. His extensive. Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim Helu and his family control America Movil, Latin America’s biggest mobile telecom firm. With foreign telecom partners, Slim. 26 Dec A multi-billionaire businessman and philanthropist, Carlos Slim is known for his self-made fortune. This biography is a brief peek into the.

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The Economist October 27, Help us improve this article! He was one of six children, and his father was a successful dry goods business owner.

Slim was born into a family of Lebanese Christian immigrants to Mexicowhere his father made slij fortune in real estate cralos the Mexican Revolution of — This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat Slim’s fortune has given rise to a family business empire and biogrrafia often acquires shares on behalf of himself and his children.

I don’t want to live thinking about how I’ll be remembered” by Mexican people claiming indifference about his position on Forbes list of the world’s richest people. Slim acquired the ailing electronics products and services company CompUSA in Archived from the original on July 2, Byhis capital had grown big enough, that he was incorporating other companies or buying them outright. These foundations concentrate on Mexico City and look after arts, education, and health care; one for sports; and one for downtown restoration.

Grupo Carso reveals its Plan in which it is revealed an investment of 29 thousand million pesos during the present year and the creation of 34, employments.

During the Mexican economic downturn before its recovery inSlim invested heavily. His wife died in Inthe falling prices of oil slik the mostly oil-based economy of Mexico to suffer and collapse, as banks became nationalized and the value of the Mexican currency Peso plummeted. Retrieved May 26, We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. At the age of 11, Carlos invested in a government savings bond that taught him about the concept of compound interest.


The World’s Billionaires — Top ten richest people in the world as of 10 March World’s top 20 billionaires”. A noted art collector and philanthropist, Slim founded a not-for-profit art museum, Museo Soumaya named for his wifein Mexico City. The biografiaa creates proprietary behavioral profiles of the top hedge fund managers using everything from divorce records to political donations incorporated in their profiles and fund analysis.

Upon formation of the company, Slim remained sanguine about the company and Mexico’s burgeoning energy sector where the state monopoly ceased to exist once held by state-owned oil company Pemex and opening the sector for private investors. Pesothe monetary unit of several Latin American countries and the Philippines; it is divided into centavos. Retrieved February 19, Upon immigrating to Mexico, her parents had founded one of the first Arabic-language magazines for the Lebanese-Mexican community, using a printing press they had brought with them.

Retrieved April 28, Retrieved July 28, Retrieved April 11, Please try again later.

On August 8,Fortune magazine reported that Slim had overtaken Gates as the world’s richest person. Slim acquired companies with strong returns on capital he believed were undervalued and overhauled their management. Retrieved May 9, Frequently compared to billionaire Warren Buffett, Slim surpassed Buffett as the world’s richest man, in March of As many banks were struggling and foreign investors were cutting back on investing and scurrying, Cralos began investing heavily and bought many flagship companies at biografis valuations.

Slim had acquired a Sanborn’s, the Mexican retail department store chain owned by Slim contains an extensive music section and locations in Mexico catlos well as controlling a majority stake in Mixup, Mexico’s most successful retail music store that comprises a chain store Mexican retailers along with an online iShop through a selling partnership with Apple.

Carlos Slim Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Retrieved April 12, In the Carlos Slim Foundation partnered with Grameen Trust—a nonprofit venture of Grameen Bankthe Bangladeshi bank founded by economist Muhammad Yunus as a means of providing small loans to poor individuals—to launch the Grameen-Carso microcredit program in Mexico. Furthermore, it was to work in support of an initiative of Bill Clinton to aid the people of Latin America.

He completes his professional studies in civil engineering at the National Autonomous Sim of Mexico known by its Spanish acronym UNAM carlos slim biografia, where he also taught Algebra and Linear Programming; he taught the latter while still studying, meaning he was simultaneously a student and professor.

With foreign telecom partners, Slim. Mexico City Historic Center Foundation to revitalize and rescue Mexico City’s historic downtown area to enable more people to live, work and find entertainment there. The United Nations UN …. Carlos Slim Helu was nominated member of the Executive Board of Carlos slim biografia Corporation Research and Developmenta nonprofit research organization in the United Carlos slim biografia, which offers assessment and solutions about commerce and politics, among other aspects, throughout the world.

Leonardo da Vinci, Italian: The company run by his son, Marco Antonio Slim, added the prisons to its portfolio of infrastructure assets among which include toll roads, hydroelectric dams, and water-treatment plants.

He attained billionaire status in the aftermath of the economic crash ofwhen the Mexican government, defaulting on foreign debts in light of a devalued pesobegan nationalizing banks and scaring away business investors. For his son, see Carlos Slim Domit.

In his office, Slim does not keep a computer and instead prefers to keep all his financial data in hand-written notebooks. Inhe, along with the president of Mexico, Mexico City mayor, and Carls City archbishop, inaugurated the first phase of Plaza Mariana close to Basilica de Guadalupe.

Mexicocountry of southern North America and the third largest country in Latin America, after Brazil and Argentina.