My current catalogue library and my love of specialized catalogues! Postais: Portugal, Açores e Madeira supplement; Afinsa. Michel – Europa Band 4 – Sudosteuropa (/). Michel – Europa Band . PORTUGAL. AFINSA – Catalogue of Portugal, Azores & Madeira (). AFINSA . Afinsa (Portugal); Anfils (Spain); Australasian stamp catalogue (Australia) Froede (Germany, active to ); Hellas stamp catalogue and postal.

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Should you decide to specialize I’m not saying you have to or even should then a catalog specific to those interests would work better than a general catalog.

Portuguese Philatelic Society n. Anyway, should have been a little more aggressive, thank you all. AND add your suggestions too. Fill in the details below and click ‘continue’. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this portygal You cannot delete portual posts in this forum. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I have several notebook scraps that I find helpful. Fri Oct 03, Google can help you find most of the articles. Going back to the original question, this seems an almost indispenible reference even if you collect more recent stamps as you can find out so much that’s pretty generally applicable.

South Africa Stamp Colour catalogue Spain. I have seen an album or two done with graph paper on ebay by hand that I have thought to be impressive. Share with others here your NICE looking stamp and cover images etc. Reprint of postal documents.

Portugal Stamps Catalogue 2012 New Afinsa Catalogo

For Australia and New Zealand, the more recently published catalogues are “good” not as good as the specialist offerings, such as Brusden White or Campbell Pattersonbut superior in coverage to Seven Seas and Auckland City Stamps. It’s in almost perfect condition, though it’s clearly ex library – and descibed as that. Magyar Belyegek Katalogusa Iceland. Auckland City Stamps New Zealand. Katalog Prango Indonesia Israel. Articles mostly on Portuguese pre stamp postal history.

Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Bored with life or work?

I LOVE specialized catalogues. And finally, for collectors in the USA, the realization that Scott does not list many items that would be considered basic issues in other countries is a frustration that only the overseas specialized catalogues can redress, at least until such time as Scott finally provides listings in its Classic Specialized Catalogue.

Check out books from your local library before buying. It cost a fraction of the cost of a new copy and a very modest amount for shipping. Len Drury New Zealand. Yvert et Tellier is used for foreign stamps, as old people as many collectors, are don’t speak English and understand written Frech, being a Latin Language. Detailed xatlogo of of mail sent in Portugal.

I’m often toting afinnsa stockbook or two to the library to look things up. Members might like a record of stamp catalogues which especially relate to a specific country.

Yvert et Tellier Germany. Barcelona Postal History and postmarks.

List of stamp catalogues

Are the Afinsa catalogs still produced? Another reason I love specialized catalogues is that it lets me set up my porthgal to include spaces for all known varieties. All times are UTC.

Signs of the past. I’d imagine that a lot of European libraries would only have their national catalogue ie. A selection of Algerian parcel post stamps from a Delcampe listing. Oops, a malfunction, got posted thrice because my browser page froze in the process Comprehensive colour catalogue of Aust.

Portugal Stamps Catalogue New Afinsa Catalogo | #

Stamps, Proofs, Covers and More Friday, April 29, My current catalogue library Previous topic Next topic. I called about 3 years ago and maybe the librarian was not aware plus they might have them now. Users browsing this forum: Walker’s Universal Atlas, London Engraved map with hand coloured outline. Poland Portugal Prince Edward Is. Fri Sep 28,