Craig Mullins. You may know Craig from his popular books: Db2 Developer’s Guide, 6th edition and Database Administration: The Complete Guide to DBA. Craig S Mullins is president & principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc., is an IBM Information Champion, and an IBM Gold Consultant for DB2. Craig has. DB2 Developer’s Guide [Craig S. Mullins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. DB2 Developer’s Guide, Fourth Edition is completely revised.

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All materialfiles, logos, and trademarks within this site are properties of their respective organizations. Monday, December 24, Happy Mulliins Consider a banking application.

If you’ve bought a…. Personal information like name, address, social security number, payment card details; financial data like account numbers, revenue, salary, transactions; confidential company information like blueprints, product roadmaps, acquisition plans. A general rule of thumb is to avoid dirty reads whenever the results of your queries must be percent accurate.

Well, the time has come for me to write another Db2 book. In either case the resulting condition of the database will be a consistent state. All of the generated data is plausible, but not the real data.

Craig S Mullins

It is hard to believe that yet another year has come and gone well, almost and that the holiday season is once again upon us. If the application program is using the UR isolation level, it will read data without taking locks. Wild carding of the rules is allowed, so you can apply a rule to all tables that match a pattern. Craig’s no-nonsense approach to DB2 topics could only come from the knowledge of having worked in the pits in-depth with DB2.

Happy Holidays It is hard to believe that yet another year has come and gone well, almost and that the holiday season is once again upon us.

The DBMS maintains a muloins log or journal to track database changes. The focus of this book is on the…. Craig has three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development including developing and teaching DB2 and SQL classes, systems analysis and design, database and system administration, and data analysis and modeling.

Mullins Consulting, Inc. (Craig S. Mullins)

At any point within the transaction, the decision can be made to stop and roll back the effects of all changes since the last COMMIT. Just a quick post today to wish all of my readers in the US and everywhere, really a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Alternately, a dirty read can cause no rows to be returned when one or more actually exists.

The input can be any string or a number. To be in compliance, all PII must be masked or changed, and if it is changed, it should look plausible and work the same as the data it is masking. Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact. The goal should be to mask your data such that it works like the actual data, but does not contain any actual data values or any processing artifacts that make it possible to infer information about the actual data.

Why is this so?

In a mailbox and delivered by a postal worker. When a transaction is rolled back, the data in the database will be restored to the original crqig before the transaction was started. That can wreak havoc on data integrity Well, back in the day, Platinum was one of the most innovative marketers in the world of Db2, and they used to mail out a monthly tip about how to use Db2 more efficiently. For mullisn who do not know, data masking is a process that creates structurally similar data that is muolins the same as the values used in production.

Other types of data, like names or addresses, are picked from a set of lookup tables. You request the money either in person by handing a slip to a bank teller or by using an ATM Automated Teller Machine.

A component of BCV5, known appropriately enough as The Masking Toolprovides a comprehensive mullibs of data masking capabilities. Think about what this means: What type of data should be masked? So let me explain. Thursday, November 22, Happy Thanksgiving The latest xraig of crraig classic book on DB2 for database administrators and application programmers.

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I have written one of the most enduring books on Db2 called DB2 Developer’s Guide. Because of the data integrity issues associated with dirty reads, DBAs should keep track of the programs that specify an isolation level of UR.

Masking while copying data is generally most useful when copying data from a production mullinz into a test or QA system. So, when is it a good idea to implement dirty reads using the UR isolation level? And importantly, it is also time to wind down ….

It is also good for enforcing uniqueness. Application programmers must understand how concurrency problems impact the access and modification of Db2 data. When the bank receives the request, it performs the following tasks, which make up the complete business process. Data masking mmullins the actual data but provides a functional substitute for tasks that do not require actual data values.

The transaction performing the withdrawal must complete all of these steps, or none of these steps, or else one of the parties in the transaction will be dissatisfied. Mullins As a professional DB2 developer your days are extremely busy. If you are interested, I wrote a part series of blog post on Db2 locking back in Similar input values result in totally different generated values so the results are not predictable and the hashing function is designed to be non-invertible, so you cannot infer information about the original value from the generated value.

So each month, Db2 DBAs would eagerly anticipate receiving the latest tip of the crraig from Platinum And yes, I said mailed. Shifting is easy to reverse engineer making it easy to ,ullins the original data.