Exercise modified (E. Czarny, E. Nojszewska, Mikroekonomia – zbiór zadań). The utility function of Barnaba is given as follows: U(x,y) = 8xy additional workouts in Polish: Czarny, E., E. Nojszewska, , ” Mikroekonomia: zbiór zadań”, PWE. additional workouts in Polish: Laidler, D. additional workouts in Polish: Czarny, E., E. Nojszewska, , ” Mikroekonomia: zbiór zadań”, PWE. additional workouts in Polish: Laidler, D., S. Estrin,

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Fines imposed for the use of monopolistic practices fail to perform that function in Poland while their importance is growing in terms of fostering the awareness of entrepreneurs concerning the obligation to observe competition law. In the President of UOKiK published additional guidelines explaining the goals and application procedure of the programme.

Third, the volume of production nljszewska related to natural markets and their demand. The realisation that the economics of competition law recognises the interdependence theory as an objective mechanism of oligopolistic markets does not change the fact that concentrated market structures facilitate the 23 E.

How important is an economic analysis for the results of anti-cartel proceedings considering that they are prohibited per se, that is, absolu Less. Obligatory reading – chapters from: Competition law should be applied only in cases when the competition authority can prove the existence of an overt collusion but not in cases of tacit ones. The more sophisticated the management structure of a cartel, the higher the costs of its activity but, the greater also its effectiveness and stability thanks to better enforcement of discipline concerning the implementation of the agreement.

Particularly important is the examination of price change predictions and an analysis whether actual prices result from the actions of competitors or from adjustment to the conduct of the price leader. An entrepreneur will not be punished with a statutory penalty for participating in a cartel as long as it is not its initiator, as long as it is the first to provides the President of UOKiK mikroekonoima information on the cartel which is sufficient to initiate proceedings, and as long as the company nojszwska the cartel upon filing the leniency notice.

The balance of the company with a full monopoly 8. Of direct relevance to cartel proceedings is the fact that the Act of treats the intention to restrict or eliminate competition in a relevant market purpose of an agreement as an action infringing competition law, irrespective of its implementation effect of an agreement.

Second Edition, West Publishing Kelly Publishers, USA However, approaching the retake test cancels the result obtained from the first approach. Oligopolistic market structures, widely discussed in economic theory, are used in the economics of competition law It constitutes a manifestation of explicit collusion, even though some believe that such an exchange of information helps to better satisfy consumer needs and accelerates innovations.

It is doubtful whether a convergence of market actions of competitors may at all be defined as collusion, even a tacit one. The first stage consists of an evaluation of the nosjzewska of the relevant market — the search for cartelfacilitating factors.

Microeconomics – University of Łódź

Stiglitz reflected in excessive administrative regulation which restricts business initiative and adversely affects the economy, including consumers8. The final test, organized during the exam period, will be a written multiple-choice test five answers proposed to each question, only one is correct.

The UOKiK noszewska information necessary to establish a restriction of competition associated with fixing nnojszewska fees for services provided by members of professional associations in draft statutes or already adopted by-laws of such associations as they contain provisions contradictory to Article 6 1 1 of the Act of Article and further developed by a Regulation of the Council of Ministers of January Hovenkamp, The Antitrust Enterprise…, p.

Principle and Execution, Harvard It will be organized only once. Interdependence jojszewska market followers is reached through market research and strategic planning, or even by playing a sophisticated business game in order to mislead other market players.

Fall semester 2011/2012

Role of economic analysis in anti-cartel proceedings IV. Establishing the existence of cartel facilitating factors is considered to be the purpose of the relevant market analysis which requires the economic approach to determine: All participants of the course are allowed to take the retake test, regardless of the result from the first approach. New and effective source of information is the leniency policy, which was introduced in the European Union inand has been in force in Poland since Theory and Practice, Cambridgep.

Summary Prices convergence on a market for goods traded by various producers, concentration of their basic product quotas in a particular territory and relative stability of their market shares — do not always have to indicate the existence nojsezwska an agreement between the players on that market.

Are market processes that indicate collusion not more important than the agreement itself if it czqrny never implemented? A digressive penalty scheme encourages cartel members to file leniency notices. The theory of general and the optimum 5.

The aforementioned competences of the President of UOKiK make it possible to collect evidence confirming or repealing the charges of organizing and running a cartel. Nojszewska, Mikroekonomia, Warszawap.