David said: At first I really loved Stendhal’s essays on Love. Del amor o “De l’ amour” en francés es una obra muy particular de Stendhal, según algunos una. Title, Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor. Colares literatura. Author, Stendhal. Publisher, Colares Editora, ISBN, , Length, De la cual se deduce que el amor es una operación psíquica eminentemente subjetiva, en la que el enamorado proyecta sobre el ser amado una creciente.

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A witty book with lots to chew on. If at the tenth page, you do not throw it down in vexation, you will be surprised on reaching the end how much it has stirred your imagination.

Preview — Love by Stendhal.

Vanity Love Chapter 2: He is a man who has clearly been steeped in the language of love, the fictions and philosophies of l’amourbut at times his image of it seems almost too big, too grandiose. Final Preface Following upon the masked balls during the Carnival ofwhich were more brilliant than usual, Milan society witnessed five or six completely crazy events.

Hispania includes articles on pedagogy, literature, linguistics, and technology-assisted language instruction related to the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian worlds.

If you think you are not interested in love, you should od this up. One can see how sceptical he was amr this subject. Frederik Ja sgu da din spade. She was an ardent patriot and was deeply involved in the nationalist revolutionary organization of the Carbonari.

Apr 07, Tristan rated it really liked it. The following week, he has been snubbed into despair, and the week afterwards, he has gone mad. But I think Stendhal shows that a writer needs above all a great soul. Metile died on 1 Mayfour years after Stendhal do amor stendhal left Milan.

I thought this was brilliant. She is perfect 2. This will not surprise those who know his spirited, high-minded women, nor those di read his early stendhao to his sister, Pauline, assiduously urging her to study literature, philosophy, and mathematics, and to strive to become a truly cultured, rational and free person. The second part of the book, the “Fragments” I found a bit disjointed. He gives some really startling examples of how people can get fascinated with the feeling that loves gives them and find it difficult to dichotomize that from the person they are supposed to be loving.

Regardless, all of the qualities he brings to his fiction are present here-irony, psychological acuity, poetry, satire, radical politics, etc. You become friends — and to hell with adoration. This state in a country inspires amlr with lively passion, induces a more natural way of life, does away with stupidities, conventional xtendhal, and absurdities or etiquette, makes sstendhal people more serious, and causes them to despise vanity-love and to abstain from gallantry polite attention or respect given by men to women.

She was an ardent patriot and deeply involved in the nationalist revolutionary organization of the Carbonari. Quatro tipos de amor: Beauty Usurped by Love A man may meet a woman stenrhal be shocked by her ugliness.

The anecdotes are very tender and romantic, and make me want to live in the 19th century forever. This book was called his first novel, although it is certainly not a novel.

Lists with This Book. Voltaire The athletic Forms of government or national character: Stendhal’s heroes are sensitive, emotional individuals who are in conflict with the society in which they live, yet they have the intelligence and ztendhal to analyze their society and its faults. This is one of those books that can convince you of humanity’s pervading spirit; the timelessness of emotions and experiences that in the moment seem so seethingly personal, yet to discover that they are shared, almost exactly, by others who lived hundreds ro years before you After Napoleon’s fall, Stendhal lived for six years in Italy, a country he loved during his entire life.

I disabled my Ad-blocker. No matter how much you think you know already, the insights in this book will still fascinate you. Werther does not love Stendhql, but vainly loves to be in love, he is a man of infinite emotion, but emotion without aim, targeting on the passing ztendhal of the insipid Charlotte.

In Paris, it is a pleasure. Women of sensibility, you who seek to know whether you are loved passionately by the man you adore, examine your lover’s early youth.

Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor – Stendhal – Google Books

Here, Stendhal strings together short bursts of rhetoric, musings, witticisms, short tales, and the sort of twisted aphorisms that he was born to write. It is these meandering discussions of love, wha At first I really loved Stendhal’s essays on Love.

Chapter 40 All kinds of love and all imaginings are coloured in different people by one of the 6 temperaments: His love for the countess is the idol which he adores, but it’s an idol out of reach, and maybe one which isn’t so great: He’s french, anyway, which helps. A Parisienne surprised in flagrante by her lover asserts innocence. I could think of nothing but whether he would notice me.

Open Preview See a Problem? No eBook available Amazon. She was an ardent patriot and was deeply involved do amor stendhal the nationalist revolutionary organization of the Carbonari.

As with all of Stendhal’s works, there is a certain degree of self-absorption and self-pity. Marie Henri Beyle, known through his writings as Stendhal, was born in Grenoble in The federal republic, or government for the benefit of all, as in the USA 5.