19 Mar A review of Gus Hansen’s upcoming book, ‘Every Hand Revealed’. I just started reading Gus Hansen’s “Every Hand Revealed”, where he writes about every hand he played in the Aussie Millions. Every Hand Revealed has ratings and 67 reviews. Danm said: Approximately 10% of poker players are profitable over the long haul. If you really unde.

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The flop came down like this. Be warned, the book uses plenty of jargon, but this is a really in-depth, truly experiential example of professional-level tournament playing.

User Account Sign in. If you continue to use this website then we will assume you are ok with that. And yes, contrary to the beliefs of some folks but right in line with the beliefs of many othersGus Hansen does, in fact, make the occasional mistake. Read it-not a bad book. It was all just the poker hands he had in the tournament hxnsen because he actually wins it makes it more like an epic story.

Every hand revealed gus hansen not just bet out or do something different? Use your social profile to sign in faster. Every hand revealed gus hansen general asked his second if he knew what the enemy’s plans were for the hajsen and when the second said that he had no idea the general replied that he could not say what his strategy was until he saw what the enemies strategy was. Jul 21, Yves rated it it was amazing. Good insight into the thinking of a professional poker player.

Aside from taking the usual mathematical calculations into account, Hansen tells how he also considered the less-easily-quantified consequences of his folding.

Gus keeps a very close eye on variables such as blind levels, ante ratios, temporary short handed tables and impending breaks, mixing pure math with situational awareness to bombard opponents with relentless pressure. He every hand revealed gus hansen on continuation betting and will raise almost anything preflop.

Review of Gus Hansen Book Every Hand Revealed

Lost User Name or Password? Since it was possible that the General might fall in battle, the Second wanted to know his battle strategy so that he could carry on in this case. Variance, as they say, is every hand revealed gus hansen harsh mistress. They wont fold when facing a re-raise half of the time. It probably won’t improve your game much, but it does let you play along with a pro and think about his hand and then see what decisions he made.

Jul 30, B. But he tells us he played out hanv about hands. Technically speaking, not every hand from Hansen’s Aussie Millions triumph is revealed. However, I’m endlessly fascinated by the idea that Gustav habsen to record all of his hands for a tournament to write a every hand revealed gus hansen and ends up winning the tournament!

Called “The Great Dane” as hanwen as “The Madman,” the five-time international title-holder transforms his hands every hand revealed gus hansen cool logic But what we got is fine indeed, and well worth your time. By the time we reach the final table with Hansen, we realize that while he has hardly played all of the hands he describes without a misstep, he has made many, many more good decisions than bad ones.

Apr 09, David rated it liked it Recommends rveealed for: Trivia About Every Hand Revealed. Free 4-Day Poker Tells Course. Must-read for any poker fan. Did you have a specific reader in mind hanx you wrote?

Every Hand Revealed – Gus Hansen – The Hendon Mob

Not saying he was entirely illuminating, or that i can play evety his level, but Gus Hanson makes a strong case for careful but aggressive play to win tournaments. It is a blow by blow account of all the action and we get to see Gus’ poker decision-making at work.

The book left me wanting more In one of his “crucial hands” from Day 3, Hansen describes the thought process that resulted in his deciding to call a check-raise all-in bet from Paul Wasicka on the flop every hand revealed gus hansen holding only ace-high and an open-ended straight every hand revealed gus hansen.

It is written in a hand for hand format and the various days of the tournament are split into chapters. Really goes through the details of hand-by-hand poker for a major tournament, which is not what you see on TV – most of the hands are stolen blinds, or mostly uncontested.

If his opponents don’t have anything, they fold.

Review of Gus Hansen Book Every Hand Revealed – Poker News

Also, he makes some other important declarations such as that he rarely bluffs. The most interesting ones were the ones where he made mistakes.

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