YOKOGAWA FLXA21 Modular 2-Wire Conductivity Analyzer. The FLXA21 two- wire liquid analyzer offers single or dual sensor measurement. Product Review: Yokogawa FLXA21 Most of the time a pH sensor needs a field transmitter to read its data and send it through the system. 69 products offers 69 yokogawa flxa21 products. About 36% of these are gas analyzers, 31% are ph meters, and 27% are other analysis.

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For details, see Appendix 1.

NOTE Yokogawa recommend the use of NIST primary buffer standards rather than buffers which have been adjusted by the addition of acid or alkaline materials to the buffer composition. The control of the world’s water resource is arguably one of the most important issues. Network address For 1-to-1 communication, leave the default value [0] unchanged. The level of dissolved oxygen is critical to the quality and consistency of any brew. This system can be adapted for either acid waste yomogawa alkaline waste neutralization.

By referring to this log, users can, for instance, easily determine maintenance or replacement schedules.

Product Review: Yokogawa FLXA21 — Visaya eShop

When the objective is clearly defined as a diagnostic exercise a regular check can bring an extra level of security and confidence to the measurement. Control of sodium chloride NaCl concentration at a salt dissolver where solid salt is dissolved in water, is highly important because of the electrolysis efficiency.

Repair work should be done dlxa21 grounded workstations using grounded soldering irons and wrist straps to avoid electrostatic discharge. Material safety data sheets should also be included for all components of the processes to which the equipment has been exposed. CO from the air.

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They are displayed on the detail screen. Measurement setup Calibration Output setup Several hundred million tons are produced annually, mainly for applications in bleaching paper.

Page 16 Toc-6 With the FLXA, there is no need for multiple analyzers, since it is easily scalable at the site location by swapping the internal measurement module to what is needed, giving you more flexibility and optimizing your OPEX.

A conventional way of measuring the concentration of supersaturated NaCl solution had been performed by using non-contact type sensors e. Section 5 Section This was a very laborious process and, as continuous monitoring was not possible, monitoring results were not reliable.

This wealth of data makes it possible to yokogaqa contamination, damage, gokogawa, and other issues to avoid unscheduled downtime in your process. With the FLXA, one analyzer can accept any of four types of measurements: The measurement of pure water pH can be one of the quickest indicators of process contamination in the production or distribution of pure water. Calculation of temperature coefficient factor With known conductivity at reference temperature. Touching any point on the display changes the display to the 2nd display item data and to the 3rd display item data if set and then returns to the Main display.

It is a white crystalline powder that is readily soluble jokogawa water. The tag is displayed at the top of the main display.

The cell constant is indicated on the sensor. Dual sensor measurement offers additional functionalities including a variety of calculated data from the two measuring parameters, as well as, the option to program the analyzer as a redundant system.

Dual sensor measurement offers additional functionalities including a variety fkxa21 calculated data from the two measuring parameters, as well as, the option to program the analyzer as a redundant system. For details on the password, refer to section 7.

Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are typical components in sour water that need to be removed before the water can be reused elsewhere in the plant.

Yokogawa FLXA21 Manuals

Cell Constant manual Page of Go. This requires both precision and stability under harsh conditions that include highly corrosive substances, high temperatures, and many impurities. Yokogawa has been applying minimized maintenance measurement systems. To ensure accurate measurement, frequent cleaning of the electrodes with an acid is required, adding to both maintenance workload and cost. One output of 4 to 20 mA DC. It adjusts the recorded reading to a collected sample value.

Commissioning Of Sc conductivity Measurements are performed based on the measurement parameter setup. Analog Input Block Parameters These products include, but are not limited to olive oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, lard, shortening, butter, and margarine.

Three measurement values can be set to yo,ogawa on the Main display as a primary value 1st linea second value 2nd line and a third value 3rd line respectively. It offers an option for single or dual sensor measurement, making it the most flexible 2-wire analyzer available.