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This served two purposes, both to provide a direct view of the connector board as shown in Figure 50, and to remove physical barriers that may trap heat. Their wire-like nature allowed them to be weaved into the motor drive through small crevices and airvents in the case.

ABSTRACT. Associate Professor F. Patrick McCluskey Department of Mechanical Engineering

Conversely, MOSFETs are voltage-driven devices requiring much simpler gate-drive requirements, allowing the device to operate at much higher switching speeds [2]. Q x y Q z The substrate insulation. In order to validate the models and overall methodology, an accelerated testing plan was developed to accelerate normal operating conditions through power cycling and harsh environmental conditions through passive temperature cycling.

Furthermore, thermal boundary measurements revealed that temperature gradients inside the drive existed, especially while the drive was idle. Although these customized components exhibited accurate interconnect properties, CalcePWA software updates to include these types of components would significantly enhance the program and assembly development time Academic Contributions Due to the fact that most power electronic systems are not equipped with redundancy mechanisms [5] any fault that occurs in any one 2.

According to the U. Figure 23 shows the comparison of the control board to the CalcePWA model, while Figure 24 and Figure 25 show the comparison of the power board and This provided a simple means to align the centers of the motor and brake shafts.

A typical motor drive system, shown in Figure 3 contains a power source, a power electronic converter, a transmission mechanism, a load, and various types of control systems. Figure 58 IR image: The non-pof based reliability assessment methods reviewed in literature generally did not take into account the heat dissipation from neighboring subsystems, specifically the power switching module.

Furthermore, the system is controlled in such a way that the relationship between input current and torque output is independent of the operating speed [34]. While the emissivity of each component ranged between 0. This was performed by eliminating the airflow restraints imposed by the motor drive casing and disabling the fan for certain measurements.


Furthermore, the data shows that as the load increases at 20 Hz and 30 Hz the average temperature difference between the ambient and the air surrounding both boards increase slightly. Averaging the temperature over the area may reduce the impact of these phantom temperature gradients Control Board Figure 57 displays the infrared profile of the back of the control board while the system is under full load.

Figure 8 Power switching module leftIGBTs and diodes within module right While the power switching module is rated for a maximum operating temperature of C and produces a system fault at C, a thermal management system is implemented to maintain the temperatures well below these levels. The load-generating test setup was used to perform power cycling of the drive based upon accelerated field conditions. Percent metallization is a way to model the percentage of the layer area that is covered by traces.

State 8 is reached once the feedback signal from State 3 signifies a system speed of 0 Hz. Comprised of two terminals, one referred to as the anode while the other referred to as the cathode, this device functions as a one way valve for electricity.

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Table 10 lists the steps taken to generate the thermal profiles for both the Power and connector boards. Accurately determining thermal resistance values for all components is a process which falls outside the scope of this project. They are also located within close proximity to the power switching module and are likely to undergo the largest thermomechanical stress which is driven by the heat dissipation from the power switching module.

Figure 62 Iterative process for determining component power dissipation The first step in the process was to build a CalcePWA model of all three boards, capturing component and board material, component geometry and PCB characteristics. Power electronic converters, along with their respective control circuits and energy storage subsystems, are at the heart of all VFDs due to the necessary power conversion process that must take place.

Of the 12 thermocouples, Location 1, Location 7 and Location 9 were strategically placed so that data could be used for both boards. Datazheet Above and Space Below signify airflow boundaries. Furthermore, vibration damping techniques were implemented to also mitigate noise The previous two sections in this report described how component power dissipation values were derived from component surface temperatures measured with the IR camera.

As an example, the 1st order thermal fatigue dataheet for leadless packages is shown the equation below, 6 where is the median cycles to failure, is the solder cyclic shear strain range metric, is the fatigue ductility coefficient, and c is the fatigue ductility exponent and is dependent on mean cyclic solder joint temperature, steady state operating temperature for the substrate and component, temperature during off half-cycle and half-cycle dwell tie at high temperature [49][50][51].

Temperatures for both boards were measured dataaheet due to their close proximity with respect to one another. Like the control board, the two outer layers of the power board layers 1 and 9 were modeled as a 0.

With smaller and more modular packaging techniques, such as the predicted drive towards integrated power electronics modules IPEMs [10][18][19], the control circuitry will experience significant residual heating from the power semiconductor switches. The relatively low cost of the system, compared to other methods investigated, enabled datasheeh setup to be reconstructed in other testing environments. In parallel, the higher power densities and miniaturization of the power switching module result in elevated stress levels on the control circuitry.

Miner s lifetime accumulation rule was implemented in order to calculate the number of cycles to failure. This research will focus on developing a PoF-based approach for assessing the reliability of the control circuitry for power electronic systems using the ACS variable frequency drive. While this test takes into account every component and assembly within the motor drive, passive cycling will provide a direct focus on the control board.

The result of this study was a relationship between solder thickness and time-tofailure at varying power levels. It was initially predicted that the idle condition would produce lower temperatures than the full load condition surrounding the control circuitry. The specific failure mechanisms are discussed later in the report. Each state can also send output signals to external devices. These values were discovered while the boards were datadheet natural convection conditions operated outside the drive case.

For example, if the IR images revealed that a small resistor had a temperature range between While the scope of this project covers how to decouple the heating effects experienced between assemblies in the VFD, decoupling the heating effects of components on the same assembly falls outside the scope of this project.

Each of these power supplies must be capable of outputting 0 4 Amps. The process begins by identifying the failure modes and failure rates of individual components and subsystems.

The user can specify the type of boundary clamping condition and can perform analysis using either random vibration or shock inputs [29]. Table 7 displays the results from this test in which the percent torque is a percentage of the maximum rated torque the motor can withstand.

IR power board load front upper right Figure Appendix: However, approximately 90 percent of this temperature was reached within the first three minutes. Datsaheet 6 User interface – USB leftcontrol panel right 6.