Thank you for purchasing the FragFX FragChuck (FragChuck) for PC and MAC. . please adhere to the saftey instructions and warnings of the manufacturer of. English FragFx Shark Manual. WELCOME Welcome and thank you for purchasing your new FragFX SHARK Controller for the Sony Playstation 3, PC and MAC. The FragFX PIRANHA is specifically designed for the PlayStation®4 and Please read the entire instruction manual to get the most out of your FragFX.

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Then press eg R1 kanual any other zu allocate RF that button. Change weapon on scroll wheel analog PC gameror trigger macros through these buttons.

English FragFx Shark Manual |

You can also program the special functions while not in game. Under the right side mouse is a small red sensor that needs to be clear of obstructions. For more information manua our web site at www. The best setting will vary from gamer to gamer, please check out our website for recommended game settings.

Tipps for using special functions: The buttons on your FragChuck act now as your keyboard! Specialfunction Button Presses 1 unpair the fragdx Small hairs, fuzz, dust or dirt can deflect the light sensor and cause the controller to have erratic behavior.

Happy Fragging from all the staff at SplitFish Ltd. If movement is direct but the crosshair jumps, the sensitivity is set too low ex: Mouse Wheel – R3 press down is a nanual of the mouse wheel.

Use a dry cue-tip to carefully clean the lens from obstructions – do not use wet cleaning to clean the optical components. You can adjust this in a way to get pixel point accuracy. The blue LED should now be blinking – The mouse is now unpaired, and ready to frayfx paired again 2 unpair the chuck: If there is no or barely any movement on the screen when you move the mouse, the setting is too high ex: We will be glad to assist in anyway that we can.

Customers must provide dated proof of purchase as stated below in order to receive warranty protection through the end of the original warranty period.

For details, see below.

SplitFish warrants any replaced or repaired product, or part for a period of forty-five 45 days from shipment, or through the end of the original warranty, whichever is longer. English FragFx Shark Manual. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Customer must contact Manuzl technical support via www.

English FragFx Shark Manual

RF will be saved to the last pressed button. This warranty is limited to the hardware only.

Please note that when using it for the first time, drivers install automatically. This warranty excludes fragrx physical damage to the surface of the product; 2 replacement or repair of the wires; 3 Water or fluid related damage; 4 damage caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation or testing, unauthorized attempts to open, repair or modify the product; or any other cause beyond the range of the intended use; 5 damage caused by accident, fire, power changes other hazards, or acts of god; or 6 use of the product with any non-fossil device or service if such device or service causes the problem.

In order to remap more than 2 buttons, keep repeating step 3 before ending the procedure with step 4.

Care and Maintenance Care and Maintenance: Products or parts may be new or reconditioned or comparable versions of the defective item. Should you pick up a weapon eg claymore when pressing the d-pad just change to the desired weapon eg gun for the RF. This process should only have to be done once.