In Why We Love, renowned anthropologist Helen Fisher offers a new map of the phenomenon of love—from its origins in the brain to the thrilling havoc it creates. Helen E. Fisher is an American anthropologist, human behavior researcher, and self-help author. She is a biological anthropologist, is a senior research fellow. Helen E. Fisher é uma professora de antropologia e pesquisadora do comportamento humano na Rutgers University e estudou a atração romântica interpessoal por mais de 30 vários livros publicados no Brasil como ” Por que amamos?.

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Series B, Biological Sciences, Clinical and Forensic Perspectives, e d. Visher como el centro de negocios de la mente. Throughout the book, the author also shows a strong proclivity for speculation, seemingly mistaking it for theory.

Apparently, we love in three different ways and can love more than one person at once.

Dec 01, Kai Crawford rated it it was ok. Helen Jelen, has traveled from the the desert outback of East Africa, to Tokyo, to Iran, and back to her home in New York City, to determine if one culture perceives love differently than another.

The content of the book, however, lacks greatly.

Helen Fisher (anthropologist)

Amamoz with a team of scientists to scan the brains of people who had just fallen madly in love, Fisher proved what psychologists had until recently only suspected: In her book, Why We Amanos, Fisher explains that everywhere in the world, people fall into romantic love.

An International Study, Nueva York: Smithso- nian Institution Press. The presented evidence is indeed strongly in favor of the hypothesis. I am starting to realise the bigger picture in which we are supreme and magnificent, on an individual and then on collective level.

BeInkandescent: Why We Love: Insights From Dr. Helen Fisher

Our brain in this phase cannot comprehend it instantly because of the central nervous system; it takes time, adaptation and a complete change of standardised systematic education since what I am trying to teach myself now is to learn to unlearn something daily. The elation and obsession of being in love with a mate, which enabled the ancients to focus their attention on a single individual at a time, and to conserve time and energy. A theory by definition must be falsifiable, yet the author commonly uses the word to refer to what is plainly untestable conjecture, which I think is impermissible in a scientist.

And that it’s all to do with the mating game which somewhat irks me, seeing as I don’t feel maternal at all and have never wanted children. Entrepreneur of the Month. Improving Performance, G i n e b r a: The only downside I found with this book was that it didn’t really go into too much detail about the brain and its chemicals which drive us.

Pause to consider the incongruity. E l a m o r obsesivo. Get to Know Us. P o c o a poco me fui dando cuenta de algo importante: A role for parasites? FT Prentice H a l l. Lists with This Book. Click here to sign up. Esto dio lugar a que me planteara u n a pregunta importante: My Years with the Orangutans of Borneo, Boston: In no uncertain terms, she reveals to us that love affects every human of every age, and that the pain and joy of it is experienced by us all.

Fisher also maintains that taking certain antidepressants can potentially dampen feelings of romantic love and attachment as well as sex drive.

EnglandNueva York: I say, physically since H.

All is one, all is one vibration, one big connection and time and space exist only in human parameters. I’m not a scientist but it seems pretty disingenuous for her to randomly pick and choose her favourite theories, while randomly discarding other ones.

One group reported to be deeply in love, while the other had recently experienced painful breakups. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. You can experience all three at once, or just one with one person, while feeling the other two for two others! What I am coming to realise is that we have forgotten so much about us. Understanding Attraction and Satisfaction, Nueva York: She is a leading expert on the biology of love and attraction.

The statistics from the studies actually fit in with the chemistry material. No amenazar n u n c a c o n abandonarle.

Towards the end of the book, there is a chapter dedicated to a detailed discussion on the effects of break-up and how those affect men and women differently, their respective responses being quite different altogether. An Anthropologist’s View, Nueva York: