Full text of “Home-built claymore mines: a blueprint for survival” C A Recipe for Survival Homemade Grenade Launchers: Constructing the Ultimate Hobby. : Home-Built Claymore Mines: A Blueprint For Survival ( ) by Ragnar Benson and a great selection of similar New, Used and. In this book Ragnar Benson shows you how to make your own claymore mines, which are practical if assembled correctly and fairly easy to build from readily.

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Shaped charges are very exacting creatures that must be set up on close tolerances if they are to yield acceptable results. Later they were awarded a lbueprint tract for 1, manufacturer’s prototypes which they used for testing and training.

What are normally considered to be civilians have made numerous attempts recently to home-manufacture directional mines for their own use. At the same time, Canadian munitions experts — similarly motivated by their expe- rience in Korea — began work on a device they called the “Phoenix. Place one layer of duct tape over the entire de- vice, banding it together as well as secur- ing the inch legs to the sides. Explosives physicists can explain this phenomenon mathematically, but this much detail is unnecessary for home-builders.

Ryan Coons added it Aug 15, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Claymore mines oper- ate on principles that are close relatives to those of the Munroe shaped charges.

Place four strips of double-stick cello- phane tape on the face of the mold. Pour at least bearings assuming a standard 3. Kines of silhouette targets from rear graphically demonstrates fragment strikes. It would be very easy to fall into one’s own trap. Paperback53 pages.

On the other hand, hardened steel ball bearing-type fragments are relatively easy to purchase. Jane ‘s does not mention them at all in its volume on small arms, and Brassey’s includes only a superficial reference. Open Preview See a Problem?

Home Built Claymore Mines: A Blueprint For Survival

Annealing is accomplished by placing about a gallon of charcoal briquettes in a small cast-iron pot, skillet, hibachi, or tight barbecue cllaymore. Be mindful that in an urban situation there are literally dozens of switches controlling elec- trical current that, when thrown, can be used to detonate a claymore.

Four munitions physicists working for Aerojet at the time, John Bledsoe, Don Kennedy, Bill Kincheloe, and Guy Throner, ended up spending about a year perfecting the claymore. Like mild steel fragments, Devcon Liquid B can be difficult to locate.

British guards used something similar at Gibraltar called “rock mines. There are a few remaining supplies to be found, but in all cases they are much sim- pler and cheaper than Devcon Plastic Steel. Those anticipating using trip wires may wish to keep a generous supply of spring-load- ed clothespins and 3 5 -pound monofilament fishline on hand. Human- wave attacks, as used for the last time by the Chinese in Korea, are no longer feasible, due in large part to the ability of modern foot- sloggers to easily carry two or more direc- tional mines each.

Although it was still not a particularly effective weapon, the Marine Corps accept- ed it and designated it the Ml 8 claymore. Want to Read saving…. They should be soft steel, not hardened bearings. Profes- sional intrud- ers learn to exercise great caution watching for trip wires. Historic members of the Scottish MacLeod clan had, in several wars and insurrections through- out the British Isles in the early s, distin- guished themselves in the use of the deadly two-handed claymore sword.

So far I have been able to scrounge this material from the trash pile. Almost 40 years’ U. Trampas Jones marked it as to-read Apr 30, When deploying claymores, users must keep in mind that while these devices are surprisingly effective at what seems like rela- tively long ranges, combat veterans who returned from Vietnam and elsewhere report that most command-detonated devices are discharged at ranges that are too great to be fully effective.

Over this, place two 2-inch-wide strips of good- quality, relatively fresh duct tape, sticky side forward. The one in Shreveport, Louisiana, is about to close due to lack of business.

At least in this instance a user will have an effective device with which to do the work — much better than some of the ridicu- lous, irregular, unpredictable affairs made from black powder and nails. Most claymores will probably be command-detonated by the guy in an ambush sitting breathlessly with wires in hand.

A hot wire connecting a bat- tery to a circuit can be held open or separated by a peg placed in the minds of a spring- loaded clothespin. It is sobering to realize that the home- built devices described previously will meet 35 Home-Built Claymore Mines or exceed commercial military specs.

It generally seems appropriate to install longer legs than claymorre used on com- mercial models, but this is a matter of per- sonal preference.

Nines this piece of Plexiglass will become the working mold for the device, but in the interim, the paper tends to protect it!

The fit must be very close. Spray with black paint or other- survivsl camou- flage as appro- priate. Prestigious armament encyclopedias often completely ignore both the history and operating principles of claymores.

This is not a text pertaining to proper use and handling of high explosives.

HomeBuilt Claymore Mines A Blueprint For Survival, Ragnar Benson. (Paperback )

John Aceto marked it as to-read Sep 20, Be sure it is high enough so that discovery is unlikely and it has an open field of fire. My hope is that no one will ever have to build one of these devices.

However, Paladin Press in Boulder, Colorado, has recently published an excel- lent volume on the history and development of claymore mines, including a detailed analysis of their commercial assembly and theory of operation, entitled Claymore Mines Their History and Development. Ironically, MacLeod named his mine after the legendary claymore sword. Whenever dealing with high explosives, Special precautions must be followed in accor- dance with industry standards for experimen- tation and production of high explosives.

Generally, claymores home-builf be assembled from off-the-shelf components. Information contained therein now makes it possible for home-builders to produce abso- lutely excellent claymores. Aerojet Corporation in Azusa, California, had a team of yome-built rocket- explosives- and munitions-development specialists who believed they could meet the requirements as set out by Picatinny.