Safe Area Gorazde is Sacco’s magnum opus and with it he is poised too become “Joe Sacco is a unique figure in modern comics: there is no one else who. Safe Area Goražde has ratings and reviews. Joe Sacco spent five months in war ravaged Bosnia during and put together his experiences for a. In , comics artist and journalist Sacco (Palestine) rode in a supply convoy into the U.N.-designated safe area of Gorazde, a small Bosnian Muslim town.

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Which would have been a sad loss for me, because this is an excellent book, vivid and educational, emotional and honest, a book that brings a complex and confusing war into your lap, at the same time beautiful in its artistic skill, and heart-wrenching in the agony of its story.

The conflict gets magnified in this book in a way I’ve never seen before by reading traditionally.

As he draws himself, which he doesn’t often, gorazdr stubby with big ears, all the better to hear everybody with. ComicsNew journalism. Nothing happens to him, however—they drive off and he continues.

Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia, by Joe Sacco

Penduduk Gorazde yang tersisa dengan keterbatasan yang ada berusaha mempertahankan kota mereka. He goes there so he can listen and take notes, talk to people, hear their stories, so he can produce a comic book.

Isi ceritanya sendiri bukanlah suatu hal yang mengenakkan. I don’t know how much more informed I am about the War in Easter Bosnia but I am further informed about how unfathomably insanely cruel people can be. This book was deep, painful, complex, and yes, even funny. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in genocides, the Balkans, or even the modern political situation in general.

Sep 29, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it it was amazing Shelves: His drawings are pretty realistic, reading this comics took me way too longer than some other pieces of sequential art.

One story comes from an older man called Rasim who describes his experiences during an attack by the Chetniks a Serbian nationalist militia in the spring ofsaef object of which was to ethnically cleanse the town.

This was my first book on the Balkanisation of Yugoslavia and it focused on Gorazde – a part of Bosnia.

Safe Area Gorazde

What really makes this book exceptional is the fact that Joe Sacco has mastered all of the elements of his craft – the writing and the art hold up equally well despite the high standards that Sacco has evidently set for himself. It does make it hard to grasp the time frame or remember whereabouts you are, but it also helps break up the stories of atrocities with seeing how people are surviving in the “present”.

During his time in the former Yugoslavia, it shows how man can be so ugly and unforgiving. I think the original came out inand it was based, like his also classic Palestine, on Sacco’s first person comics journalism in the region. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Some people said it was a brilliant idea, exactly what a young journalist should be doing, heading to where the news is with a laptop, a camera, and a satellite phone, while others family members said it was gorazre awful, disgusting idea, horribly selfish, and reckless. Still, I feel like I only understand a tiny bit. Perang Bosnia adalah sebuah upaya genosida pemusnahan suatu kaum atau etnis yang disulut propaganda rasialis yang sempit.

Comics of the Decade: Joe Sacco’s Safe Area Goražde « the metabunker

It must have taken Sacco years: I just couldn’t look anymore. Intimidated and scared by Slobodan’s sace Serbian nationalism leftover from post WWII atrocites perpetrated on the SerbsCrotia and Slovenia declared independence, leaving Bosnia to stand alone against the now hostile Serbia.

Again and again, the eyewitnesses mention how they recognised a neighbour among either the dead or the killers. We can so easily distance ourselves from images of war in the Middle East or Africa, but seeing images of war in a place like Bosnia is like seeing war in Canada, or England, or France or America or Australia. Suddenly the lorry from earlier comes driving toward him across the bridge, and he briefly glimpses the Chetniks who beat him up in his flat.


Refresh and try again. After that I read a smattering of books.

Most of their tales are quite upsetting. When I was first reading this and did not imagine that there was more graphic journalism of this kind – I only knew MAUS as graphic non fiction it was so hard for me, at first, to think of Joe Sacco explaining what he was doing, in Gorazde. Saya seakan tak mau berpisah saat sampai pada lembar terakhir.

New Works about the Bosnian War. Inthe town is subjected to a second major Serb offensive. Feed for Posts Feed for Comments. Warga Gorazde mengalami kengerian yang mungkin tak pernah mereka bayangkan.

Must read comics and invaluable in this edition. It is not a pleasant read, but bearing witness to such travesties, rather than ignoring them, is the way such travesties are stymied and eventually overcome. KrigsSplint i Information Flashback: Saya juga hanya seorang pelajar SMA jelang kuliah yang kala itu menyimak tentang Bosnia dari koran dan majalah juga dari kakak pengajar bimbel, ribuan kilometer jaraknya dari negeri Balkan ini.

In the autumn of Nato, shamed by the fall of Srebrenica, the other main safe area in the region, bombed Gorazde’s Serb besiegers. They live like “we” do, they wear the same clothes, go to university, all that is familiar to us. How do I put what I’ve just read into words? Goresan Sacco yang detail dan kisah yang menyayat adalah perpaduan kesesakan itu. He pleads with him for help and saves himself by assisting the Chetniks load the truck. A graphic novel – finally a medium I can get behind for history.

A Legacy of Mediocrity A deadening force at the heart of the art form, smothering the field in bourgeois mediocrity.