Keharwa. Keharwa Theka. 1. Dha Ge Na Ti Na Ke Dhi Na. 2. Dha Ge Dhi Na Na Ke Dhi Na. 3. Dha Ti Dha Ti Na Some othere variations: 1. Dha Ge Tere Kete. Keharwa or Kaharva is a tala of Hindustani music. Keherwa has many variations including dhumaali, “bhajani”, and qawwali. My point is if there was a name given to the type of keherwa theka then there would be less . briefly.. there are many variations on the theme of Teentaal which.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Keharwa is an 8-beat pattern tsal in ragas.

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Keharwa or Kaharva is a krherwa of Hindustani music.