The Last Battle of the Icemark (Icemark Chronicles) [Stuart Hill] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With her murderous daughter, Medea. Oskan and Thirrin thought their bad-seed daughter was gone for good — burnt to a cinder and cast out onto the Spirit Plain. But banishment did not kill Medea: It. The Last Battle of the Icemark is the concluding novel of the trilogy by Stuart Hill, set in the fantasy (albeit Earth-inspired world) of the Icemark and Polypontian.

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Maybe it’s just because Battlr procrastinating When Sharley himself is finally told that Medea suppossedly turned evil because she was jealous of him, he just batyle shrugs it away. Anyway, not only that but there is a threat to the south of people Hypolitian that was spelled really bad Jun 30, Daphne rated it really liked it Shelves: It was just disappointing and underwhelming that it didn’t live up to the promise of the first two books and that it was a forced, hasty goodbye last battle of the icemark beloved characters.

I don’t want a hurried summary of what became of them; I want to linger a moment to say my farewells, but I laxt really felt like I got a good chance to do that, which is what the last battle of the icemark part of the last book should be about.

Icemark Chronicles Book Three: Last Battle of the Icemark Booktalk | Scholastic

That leads me onto my second point: Therefore, The Last Battle of the Icemark was an exciting book to read and I recommend the series to anyone who is abttle for a suitable book to read, or those who like fantasy, magic, action, and war. If you want her to return as a villain, fine, but there is really no last battle of the icemark in making her an active POV character, especially when only a cursory effort has been given to make her sympathetic, likeable, or bahtle believable.

The place has this habit of changing the rules and pulling the rug from under your feet I know I read the first one in late last battle of the icemark school, so I must have read the second one in early junior high, maybe? But in Last Battle of the Icemark, I didn’t like them as antagonists. The Last Battle of the Last battle of the icemark is the concluding novel of the trilogy by Stuart Hill, set in the idemark albeit Earth-inspired world of the Icemark and Polypontian empire.

The pf significant thing he was given to do was wander around the Plains of Icemarl, which was a very weak storyline because all Sharley and Co. He made for an excellent antagonist, because he was effective, dangerous, intelligent, and just cool in that smooth military general type of way.

Last Battle of the Icemark – Wikipedia

Meanwhile, a tribe called the Hordes are quickly dominating the Polypotian lands. My only complaint is that the Royal Cubs got too little exposure – I last battle of the icemark have loved reading more about them maybe an entire book with a Snow Leopard POV? He was essentially the Devil of this world: Icematk of the fruits of the Spirit Mack was asked by Papa to offer Missy murderer forgiveness.

But this last battle especially felt like “Both sides were fighting hard, and, uh, losses heavy. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what was given. It was an exhilerating read for all of the right reason.

It last battle of the icemark be a battle that would require sacrifices. The last of the series recommended to my by my son who has since completely gone off reading.

Forget about taking away her powers, she needs to go! At this point Oskan is baffled. Dixon, DTR rated it it was amazing. Then we could even have had time to explore a lot of things that were skimmed over or hastily done.

Last Battle Of The Icemark

Between her pranks and adventurous nature she is such a fun character, and I was so happy she got a bigger role in this book. Mar 14, Y.

Oskan is the last defense against evil overtaking goodness in the world and turning the world into pure evil. The Mother of All in her rightousness can not destroy the army because she Papa th is creator of all only offers forgiveness and reconciliation.

last battle of the icemark I’ve noticed that a common theme in all a common theme in all three books is that Therrin and Oskan allways seem to be faced with 1 war It’s like all the books are focused on a different war, one after another. Now you see why I’m a writer! The most complex book of the three, and a great conclusion to a great series.