March 20, The Cascadia Wolves series books have gotten a titled: ENFORCER, TRI MATES, WOLF UNBOUND and STANDOFF) — all. For every wolf, there’s a mate out there. So Tracy Warden is thrilled when she discovers Nick Lawrence, the sexy Enforcer for another Pack, is her mate. The complete series list for – Cascadia Wolves Lauren Dane. Series reading Tri Mates / Wolves’ Triad. Paranormal Reluctant / Reluctant Mate: A Novella.

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To say Nina was cascaria human and was bitten and turned during a challenge that turned out to be more of an attack or attempt to kill her in front of the whole pack she feels very strongly for her werewolf family. And plus i can tolerate a tri mate scenario better than the tri-bond weirdness.

Cascadia Wolves 6 books. I already am hooked to this series but add in some yummy delicious males and I am a goner. I have an early version of this book. My favourite character are still headed by Nina, Lex and Cade and I immediately loved Tracy, how she has the cute, soft and lovable dog Milton that is treat like the spoilt child of the pack.

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They took it pretty well. Decisions must be made, sacrifices occur, and lives are uprooted.

Specifically the fated mates trope and how that automatically means love. The ease with which her “first” mate Nick accepts this and accepts Gabe as his pseudo-lover is interesting, and not in a good way. Once I move past that, I can’t deny these are compelling reads.

This story is so much more than that and I was happy that, that was the case both with jealous sister-in-laws poking their noses in where they aren’t welcome. Gabe, the mediator between the packs, agrees to be her anchor bond and then the unthinkable happens— instead of an anchor bond forming, a true mate bond forms and suddenly Tracy finds herself mated to not one but two strong alpha wolves.

Then I re read Pack Enforcer and again my opinion hadn’t changed about the book nor my rating of it. Then you can also sign up for her regular newsletter. The mystical tri-bond did make acceptance of the triad easier for two alpha males though it glossed over some of my Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Dane pays a lot more attention to the dynamics of the relationships between her characters, which is finally gratifying.

It did not disappoint. This continues in Wolves’ Triad.

Tri Mates (Cascadia Wolves, #2) by Lauren Dane

They’ll remain the same stories as the original versions. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Really enjoyed the three main characters, they were great together.

I just finished the book and I am supremely surprised. He eventually redeemed himself and I ended up liking him, but I never got to where I admired him as I did Gabe. Frankly, it could have gone the other way had Gabe made the first move and not Nick.

I did really enjoy this story and its written really well its just not my favourite and I’m a still disappointed because my expectations were higher for this one. Just a moment while we laren you in to your Goodreads account. Parts of the story are not made clear enough and most definitely are cleared up by the end leaving you with more questions than you started with. In this universe, when wolves mate, an anchor bond must be formed between the woman and another male.

However, this was a much more complex story line, alt Tr received a e-book of this book via Netgalley. Lauren Dane did better with this one then she did with the first. This series is unique with the Tri-bond concept, but there is something special in this book.

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Cascadia Wolves Series

I enjoyed this more than the first. But that ending just pisses me off.

Trri I’m not saying he was all bad because that isn’t true however he needed to grow up a lot and to me he didn’t enough to justify his position in the pack. I bet you the Third could have taken them with no problem. Other books in the series. I realize they’re tied to the mating bond, but when the “I Love You’s” are thrown out that early 5 minutes after meeting it rings false As I read some of these earlier Cascadia novels, I really struggle with some of the plot devices Dane uses.

Or is the tri-bond just a figment of an overactive imagination? Tracy finds herself with not one, but two mates. Perfect heroine to match up against those two alpha wolves.