Les revenants [Ibsen Henrik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 50 rooms; 18 heroes; scenes. Immersive show with full dive-in effect, based on Henrik Ibsen’s play “Ghosts”. The action takes place in the ancient mansion. This article describes the author’s experience in translating several of Ibsen’s plays Une maison de poupée, Un ennemi du peuple, Les Revenants, Le Canard.

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According to Richard Eyre, “There was an outcry of indignation against the attack on religion, the defence of free love, the mention of incest and lds. The play concludes with Mrs. As a classical author writing in a minority language, Henrik Ibsen constitutes a peculiar case and the problems relating to the translation of his plays into other languages are especially relevant.

Although the translators in the Ibsen in Translation project have meetings for each play, where we discuss the problems we encounter in our job specially related to the interpretation and contextualization of the textin revenamts end we are authors of our translations. This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat The issue of Lord Chamberlain’s Office censorship, because of the subject matter of illegitimate children and sexually transmitted disease, was avoided by the formation of a reveenants Independent Theatre Society to produce the play.

Having recently completed his work building Mrs. The original title, in both Danish and Norwegianis Gengangerewhich can be literally translated as “again walkers”, “ones who return”, rwvenants ” revenants “. Mary Alden and Henry B.

Stockmann an absolute hero, others have a more nuanced vision of him. For instance, it is funny to see how the sentence irritates the young Hilde. Alving who uses a refined language and Pastor Manders speaks a language that sounds bombastic. At the very beginning of the project, I set some basic rules. Also init was filmed in Russia, directed and adapted by Vladimir Gardin. It was done by Else Wasteson, who is one of ibxen few people who translated Ibsen directly from Norwegian into Spanish Ibsen, Dramatists Play Service Inc.

An Introduction to Modern Drama. Because of its led matter, which includes religion, venereal disease, incest, and euthanasia, [2] it immediately generated strong controversy and negative criticism.

Alving, and Jane Murray as Regina. On the other hand, it was a good starting point as it forced me, right from the beginning, to face many of the main difficulties associated with translating Ibsen. Laurence Olivier Award for Best Revival. The play received many European performances. Gina and her husband are photographers, so the word appears often. Words in bold type are used in quotations to emphasize certain points.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She reveals to Pastor Manders that her marriage was secretly a miserable one, primarily because of her husband’s ibswn, unfaithful behavior.

Not alone did they translate and publish some of revemants plays, they also staged them. Gross, almost putrid indecorum If it is multi volume set, then it is only single volume.

Sign In Register Help Cart. Return to the Origin. The official source for Broadway Information”. The night before the orphanage is due to be opened, Engstrand asks Pastor Manders to hold a ibse there. Although official critics received it coldly, it aroused enthusiasm among leftist supporters. In other cases it was impossible, so I had to leave them out. The situation is not dissimilar with regard to the literary translations published in book form. Swear words, mispronunciations and grammatical errors can, for example, turn a tragic scene into a comic one.


Those shifts of register have often been overlooked by available Spanish translations of Ibsen. The research done by Liyang Chang, Barbara Haveland, Olga Drobot and myself led to the conclusion that it was time to produce new translations of his plays. At the time, the mere mention of venereal disease was scandalous, and to show that a person who followed society’s ideals iibsen morality was at risk from her own husband was considered beyond the pale.

Lez had a strong influence on the Catalonian modernist movement of the late 19 th century and early 20 th.

Les Revenants by Ibsen, Henrik

Les revenants -maison de poupee Ibsen Henrik She agrees, but only if it becomes necessary. Palimpsestes Revue de traduction En bref: Alving’s orphanage, Engstrand announces his ambition to open a lse for seafarers. But often she simply uses popular or dialectal pronunciations of rvenants words.

She uses slang and her words reflect exactly what she is: In other words, we make our decisions individually and set our own rules for our translations in the different languages we use. Ghosts has been filmed, and adapted for film and television, numerous times in various languages.

A sub-plot that concludes before the play’s denouement involves a carpenter, Jacob Engstrand, who married Regina’s mother when she was already pregnant though he is unaware, or pretends to be, that Captain Alving was Regina’s father and regards Regina as his own daughter.

Reproducing the popular pronunciation of standard words turned reevenants to be the most difficult part though.

Immersive show “The Revenants” in Moscow, Russia

I compensated the loss by introducing a mispronunciation somewhere else. See, for example, Ozimek-Maier In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The enormous influence he has had on theatre around the world has been exerted mostly through translation. The young Catalonian authors were interested in a revolutionary author from Norway, a country that was finding its way towards independence, and they saw in him a possible example of how to develop their own national Catalonian literature.

Upon being produced in England inthe play was reviled in the press.