Description: Mafatih al-Jinan (Keys to Heavens) by Shaikh Abbass Qumi is a Twelver Shi’a compilation of selected chapters (surahs) from Quran, Taaqeebat e . 24 May Mafatih ul Jinan – This marvellous app consists of Mafatih al-Jinan (Keys to Heavens) that is a Twelver Shi’a compilation of selected chapters. Mafatih al Jinan – Mafatih Al Jinan – Arabic & English 1st time Complete Mafatih al Jinan in Arabic & English with Baqiyatus Swalehat. App Developed in Iran by.

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Mafatih ul jinan in app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. The compiler of Mafatih al-jinan has included content from other books including Iqbal al-a’mal by al-Sayyid b. The longest section of this chapter is the Ziyarahs mafatih ul jinan in Imam al-Husayn a. In addition to the ziyarahs mafatoh the twelve Imams athis chapter contains ziyarahs of the offspring of Imams asome Shi’a scholars and noble people such as HamzaMuslim b.

Sawhan Mosquehave also mafathi explained in this chapter.

Also, when you mafatih ul jinan in certain content from Mafateeh Aljenan, the app displays tabs for related contents. What the maximum has in store is beyond Imagination. When he saw me, he asked: The app is worth every penny I paid and I am going to recommend un to my family and friends God willing. Mafatih al-hayat was very well received after its publication.

Mafatih ul Jinan Urdu for Android – APK Download

Maintained 5 star ratings and positive reviews from the day one, with global users running the apphours 25 years overall! Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi wrote many books, the best-known of which are Mafatih al-jinan mafatih ul jinan in, Safinat al-biharand Muntaha al-amal. Views Read View source View history. O One Who grants even the one who does not beseech Him and does not know Him, mafatih ul jinan in He grants in compassion and mercy!

The chapters are as follows:. Awesome App Apr 18, Whoever fasts three days from the last days of this month will be safe and protected from the circumstances and severities of the day of the Great Fright i.

Sayyid Hashim Rasuli Mahallati translated this mafatih ul jinan in. SupplicationZiyarahand ritual practices. Al-Sha’baniyya Supplication one of the recommended acts in the month of Sha’banSupplication of Abu Hamza ThumaliDu’a al-Iftitahthe famous Du’a al-Saharthe practices of the Qadr nights of the recommended acts of the month of Ramadanand Du’a of Imam al-Husayn a on the day of ‘Arafa of the practices of the month of Dhu l-Hijja are among the most well-known contents of this chapter.

One of the best apps I have used. The later is the holy scripture which was revealed by Allah the Glorious, the Exaltedto his esteemed servant – Prophet Muhammad [s], while the former constitutes the Qur’an from Allah’s most distinguished servants, ascending upward towards Him.

The first ziyarah, which has been mentioned mafatih ul jinan in this chapter, is the Ziyarah of the Prophet s which is followed by the Ziyarah of Lady Fatima a and the Ziyarah of the Imams a of Baqi’ those Imams who are buried in the Baqi’ cemetery.

Mostafa zivdar Jun 8, Tahir Khushniwis has written this book in neat calligraphy five times. I like the way madatih is highlighted in a different color which makes the reading experience much better.

Mafatih ul Jinan APK

Skip to main content. God bless Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi and other scholars, but prayers; Dhikrs and ziyarahs are not the only part of the religion. Mafatih al-jinan was very well received soon after it mafatih ul jinan in published.

It a very good apps mafatih ul jinan in there are some words in parenthesis which in comparison with reliable Shia documents should determine is necessary mafatih ul jinan in not should eliminate Thanks. And the one who desires to appreciate more about the splendor, of these supplication should compile his own prayer; then he should compare it with these supplications in order to discover the limits of variation between his own and theirs.

Its color is whiter than milk; its taste is sweeter than honey. The compiler has included his al-Baqiyat al-salihat to Mafatih al-jinan which has been published in the margin of various editions. He was well-known in hadiths and history as well as preaching and orations. Glory be to the Most Mighty and Most Generous. Works of Shaykh Abbas Qumi Prayer books.

The last content of this chapter, which was the last content mafatih ul jinan in the first edition of Mafatih al-jinanis the Ziyarah of the Graves mafatih ul jinan in the Faithful and the related du’as. In order to recite these duas with the Niyat Intention of “Mustahab Recommended ” a ruling from a Marja learned scholar is required. This pre-Islamic custom was accommodated within Islam with some modifications.

Online Mafatih-i nuwin farsi. Information Seller Mansoor Albelali. Muhammad Rida al-Qummi b.

It is narrated from the Prophet mafatih ul jinan in who said: No month can come close to matching its sanctity and grace. The wrath of Allah moves away from him, and a door from the doors of hell is closed for him. Also, two books of Mafatih-i nuwin and Mafatih al-hayat have been published.