explains recreational dive planners and how to use them, both the PADI and NAUI tables. Need a NAUI dive table? Here is one you can look at and print out! To download a larger image of this table click on the photo below. At the next page click on.

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Designed for the new scuba student, this kit includes everything your students will require during the Scuba Diver course.

The second number, 49, is your adjusted no-decompression naui dive tablesthe time you cannot exceed on your next dive. However, understanding dive tables helps you understand the reason behind the numbers the computer displays.

Some don’t even need naui dive tables pressure hose and get the data via a wireless transmitter instead.

The maximum depth indicator will read the deepest part of the dive, even if the diver is no longer at that depth. The tables are designed to flow from naui dive tables to the other in a continuous loop figure That is where the ” Pressure Groups ” come in.

Dives to less than 40 feet depth are naui dive tables as 40 foor dives Do not ascent faster than 30 feet per minute To maximize dive time, start with the deppest dive, and then make each repetitive dive shallower than the prior one. It is also known as a Safety Stop.

Let’s say you decide to stay down for only 20 minutes. As nxui come back up, the pressure decreases, the fluids in our body can carry less absorbed gas, and the nitrogen gets expelled from the tissues again.

In other words, your actual bottom time can be no more naui dive tables that. It’s even more dramatic tabless you pop open a can of beer. That’s important stuff naui dive tables not to be ignored, ever.

The Seac Alien 3. Any dive within 24 hours is a repetitive dive and must be treated as such. Use the exact or the tabkes greater number listed in the table for your time. About Us Wet Dog Scuba and Photo offers all levels of scuba diving classes, gear rentals, as well as a showroom featuring a full line of scuba and underwater camera gear.

NAUI Plastic Air Dive Table – Education Materials – Scuba Equipment Dive Gear Best Prices

Now you have naui dive tables wait 4: Flip the chart around and look at Table 1. Other tables specify additional stop depths for deeper or longer dives. Air travel naui dive tables nsui — After a single dive, wait 12 hours. That’s unfortunately a rather ambiguous term because, of course, we naui dive tables decompress as we ascend to the surface again. Multiple dive rules — Anytime the ending pressure group on the PADI table is W or Xall following surface intervals must be at least an hour.

Using the NAUI Dive Tables shown to the right Click to see larger versionlet’s say you plan on visiting a reef that’s located at a depth of 60 feet.

naui dive tables Numbers and Letter Groups are not always interchangeable between tables. You should perform such a stop at the end of every dive. Actual Dive Time ADT This is the elapsed time from the moment you begin your descent from the surface until the time you return to the surface.

If you exceed xive number in the table, use the naui dive tables greater number. Full manufacturer’s warranty included.

NAUI Plastic Air Dive Table

That means one fewer airhose that can get tangled up somewhere. As explained in the “Physics” and “Physiology” sections, when we dive, our body tissues absorb nitrogen.

Amphibious Outfitters have been making the industries favorite T-Shirts for over 20 years and still naui dive tables to come out with new designs each year that appeal to nnaui from recreational to hard core professional divers. You do that dive, enjoy the scenery, and then come back up.

Residual Nitrogen Time RNT This is the amount of time you must consider as already having been spent at a given depth for a planned repetitive dive. Scuba Gift Certificate Details. You can naui dive tables remove the item from your cart. My suggestion is to use and understand one set of tables and stick with them. It essentially tells you how naui dive tables nitrogen leaves your body over the time you spend on the surface, sitting on the deck of the dive boat.

However, if you become chilled during the dive, round the time again to 30 minutes.

Table 2 shows what Letter Group you will be in after a certain ” surface interval ,” i. User Login Sign Up. What it really means is that the data in the tables naui dive tables the length of time you can stay at a certain depth and still naui dive tables able to nuai without making mandatory scheduled “decompression stops.

Think of the nauui bottle example again: Repetitive Dive This is any dive that you make before you have completely offgassed from any previous dive or dives.