The Figure shows an example of a properly reverse side of the NAVSUP Form (not shown) Figure Controlled-Equipage Custody Record. Controlled-Equipage Custody Record (), NAVSUP Form relieving head of department, for example, the inventory equipage is inventoried incident to a. Description of navsup form fillable. S/N LF CONTROLLED- EQUIPAGE CUSTODY RECORD (). NAVSUP FORM (Rev. ).

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Figure NAVSUP Form

To decide if navsup form 306 item is classified as plant gorm, apply the navsup form 306 standards: Even though the control of items is ultimately the responsibility of the commanding officer or the officer-in-charge, physical custody of these items may be given to different departments, as required. Equipment other than industrial plant equipment Plant PropertyClass 3 4.

Two key words that you must always keep in mind are responsibility and accountability. In addition, all items must be sighted upon relief of navsup form 306 unit or detachment’s Storekeeper. Also, it has fomr useful life of less than 2 years.

Plant property is inventoried on a 3-year cyclical inventory, navsup form 306 directed by the naval supply center NSC. Any plant property fork is provided navsup form 306 the unit or the detachment by the host activity and that is reported by the host activity is not accounted for by the COMOMAG.

The controlled-equipage item list CEIL is an item listing that the fleet commanders-in-chief developed jointly to control special inventory control items.

Equipment navsup form 306 than industrial foorm equipment Plant PropertyClass 3. One of the categories of property that you will encounter at a MOMAG unit or detachment is host-activity-owned plant property. To decide if an item is classified as plant property, apply the following standards:. The Navy maintains in its inventory many items that could easily be converted to personal use.

Plant Property Classes Nsvsup managerial, financial, and technical navsup form 306 purposes, plant property items used by the Navy are divided into the following four classes: Inventories are also required upon the relief of the commanding officer or the officer-in-charge or any department head with subcustody.

It is reported under local procedures. Minor property and controlled-equipage items can easily be converted to personal use; therefore, they must be accounted for by proper internal control.

Land Plant Property, Class navsup form 306 2.


For javsup, financial, and technical control purposes, plant property items used by the Navy are divided into the following four classes:. A complete description of the item must be shown, and, when navsup form 306, any serial numbers. The original custody documents should be held by the commanding officer or the officer-in-charge and kept under lock and key.