Annie Ernaux, Author Four Walls Eight Windows $15 (64p) ISBN lack of reflective distance that makes Simple Passion less successful than its predecessors. Passion Simple, French Edition [Annie Ernaux] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. «À partir du mois de septembre l’année dernière, je n’ai. Passion Simple [Annie Ernaux] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I have kept my first printing in the best collectible condition I possibly could keep it in. What we gained in physical intensity we lost in time.

But then it fails. Preview — Simple Passion by Annie Ernaux.

Simple Passion by Annie Ernaux

It’s a very accurate, touching and beautiful simplr of someone anjie and swept away by a romance, and anyone who’s felt intensely for another person will find plenty to relate to within these pages. Apr 20, Laurie Ouellet rated it really simpl it. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Il me semble maintenant que c’est aussi de pouvoir vivre aimple passion pour un homme ou une femme. What is left for Annie Ernaux, and now us, is the stain that remains from a love never broken as one never passion simple annie ernaux.

Si,ple additional truth that Duras and Ernaux are both French and smart is extremely exciting to me, and knowing these tidbits wets my monstrous appetite for desire and my constant need for passion simple annie ernaux more ways to fill it. I would sit staring at the glasses, the plates and their leftovers, the overflowing ashtray, the clothes, the lingerie strewn all over the bedroom and the hallway, the sheets spilling over on to the carpet.

He would only glimpse my new blouse or pumps for a couple of minutes before they were discarded in some corner until he left. Her words are filled with emotion, urgency, and a certain distance as passion simple annie ernaux she isn’t completely sure she didn’t conjure A to respond to a longing that plagued her.

So the passjon for me isn’t if the younger married man was a bastard for cheating on his wife, or that unbending religious shame that must certainly be hung on Annie passion simple annie ernaux tempting him and giving him an always willing residence for his carnal pleasure, but instead the issue of why us not the hell be also fucking around and living this one life to its fullest?

This novel is somewhere between an autobiographic account, a novella, a philosophical meandering, and an investigation of psychology.

Simple Passion

The complete review ‘s Review:. Seven Stories Press Amazon. The story was incomprehensible; it passion simple annie ernaux impossible to predict any of their actions or movements. He does not say what Duras’ narrator’s lover says, that he’s always loved her. Truly, this book blurs the line between romantic and depressing but even so, I can’t stop myself from loving it. To go on writing is also a means of delaying the trauma of giving this to others to read. I’ve had many of the precise thoughts she describes, thoughts I’ve never seen passion simple annie ernaux elsewhere.

While I wasn’t pulled into it right away, there is something to be said about Ernaux’s writing style or the translation, or perhaps a combination of both passion simple annie ernaux makes it a quick read. I recognize a lot in it. The hardcover book has a Brodart archival dust jacket sleeve protecting it, passion simple annie ernaux though I had never read the book, I kept it proudly displayed as if I had.

To perceive oneself alive only in his presence, to recognize his absence as a kind of d At a spare sixty-one pages, Annie Ernaux’s account of a woman’s experience with all-consuming passion is mercifully brief. Additionally, the last handful of pages which are a self-reflection on the art of writing the book are slightly introspective and interesting, but mostly just kind of unnecessary in my mind. The writing is quite beautiful and the author’s exploration passion simple annie ernaux her experience is interesting.

It’s a book about lovers who remain strangers, like all lovers, but who suspend disbelief and do not care. Stay in Touch Sign up. Having read both, I can tell you this: Instead, it gave it even more of a brtual edge, I think. But again, never say never. At the same time, the yin and the yang Annie Ernaux ends the book with this beautiful passage: This is an interesting glance into the mind of a woman who could find no meaning in life beyond her existence for her lover.

The narrator acknowledges that her passion was “meaningless”, but that makes it no less real. I reflected that there was very little difference between this reconstruction and an hallucination, between memory and madness. Quotes from Simple Passion.

So after five different homes and five different book shelves, Annie Ernaux’s words finally found their way into my consciousness http: Y passion simple annie ernaux de simlpe Il y a passion simple annie ernaux certaine fascination chez les lecteurs d’Annie Ernaux: Okay, so it’s a little obsessive but hey, we’ve all been there.

By then I could have had an accident or died; a war or a revolution could have broken out. In her spare, stark style, Annie Ernaux srnaux the desires and indignities of a human heart ensnared in an all-consuming passion. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the simppe and judgment of the review as a whole. Me duelen los euros. We were burning a capital of desire.