Viscometer bath designed for Saybolt Universal and Furol viscosity testing, this constant temperature bath meets all ASTM and AASHTO requirements for. Saybolt and Redwood Viscometer: The main disadvantage of the capillary tube viscometer is the errors that arise due to the variation in the head loss and other. Saybolt Viscometer found in: Saybolt Viscometer Bath, Class A Saybolt Viscosity Volumetric Flask, Accessory And Replacement Parts For Precision Saybolt.

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Standard Scientific Instrument Co. With a capacity saybolt viscometer four viscometers and 60ml receiving flasks, the bath features sliding saybolt viscometer shields, chemical-resistant alignment plates for handling of flasks and a glare-free fluorescent backlight for easy viewing of test sample.

This is also used more. Redwood Viscometer in Ambala.


We are dedicatedly involved in providing an excellent quality array of Saybolt Viscometer, for catering the various needs of our clients. Rajdhani Scientific Instruments Co. Microprocessor PID circuitry saybolt viscometer precise temperature control within Saybolt viscometer specified tolerances throughout the operating range of the bath.

Please enter your first and last name. Reliable Lab Equipment Viscomdter. Viscosity is measured by determining the time taken by 60 cc of the material to flow through a specified orifice.

Saybolt Viscosity Bath SV Please enter your name. Stirring is done by hand with turn table arrangements without strainer, withdrawl tube and glass wares. Steel cabinet saybolt viscometer leveling feet and a chemical resistant polyurethane-epoxy finish.

Automatic Timing Option – At visckmeter push of a button, the automatic timer starts the sample flow, senses the 60mL end point, and digitally records and displays the saybolt viscometer time in 0. Stirring is done by hand with turn table arrangement.

Receive Verified supplier details. News Letter Receive our regular updates. The bath has a lid which contains a saybolt viscometer cooling tube, two handles with two stirring more. A cooling coil for tap water or refrigerated coolant is provided for operation at near-ambient temperatures.

H Stainless steel Furol orifice only. Suitable to operate saybolt viscometer Suitable to operate on volts AC mains.

Test Method Saybolt viscometer the time required for 60mL of sample to flow through a calibrated orifice under precisely controlled conditions.

Dow-Corning fluid centistokes5 gallon, wt.

With Price Related Category. Accommodates four viscometers and four 60mL receiving flasks. Please enter your current email address.

Saybolt Viscometer Bath

Two place calibration offset is provided. Simple push-button controls saybokt dual digital displays are used for easy setting and monitoring of the baths saybolt viscometer. H Sayboldt viscometer tube, Stainless steel. Labindia Instruments Pvt Ltd has been certified for the following: H Sayboldt viscometer tube, Brass. saybolt viscometer

Figure Saybolt viscometer.

Glass Viscometer in Ambala. Saybolt ViscometerSaybolt Viscometer used for determining the viscosity of petroleum products and lubricants. The apparatus consists of stainless steel bath with oil saybolt viscometer which is centrally placed in awater bath.

Listed on catalog pages: H Technical oil, white, 1 saybolt viscometer. The apparatus consists of Brass Chromium more. Automatic Viscometer in Ambala.

Designed for Saybolt Universal and Furol viscosity testing. I agree to the terms and viiscometer policy. Our offered apparatus is developed by our team more. Please enter full name. Suitable to operate saybolt viscometer Volts Ac mains.

Simple push-button controls and dual digital displays permit easy setting and monitoring of bath temperature. Kinematic Viscosity Bath in Ambala. For latest updates about Labindia Instruments group, enter your email saybolt viscometer below. Compare Quotations and seal the deal.

The insulated bath interior is constructed entirely of heavy-gage stainless steel and the built-in overflow pipe and drain valve simplifies filling the bath oil to viscomeher required level. Tar Saybolt viscometer Multiple Apparatus in Ambala. Receiving Flask, 60ml more.

Bath Construction and Saybolt viscometer Features – Insulated bath interior is constructed entirely of heavy gauge stainless steel.