Congratulations on your purchase of the SpeedStream® Router with Note This manual covers the SpeedStream model series , , and Quick-start guide • Read online or download PDF • Siemens SpeedStream User Manual. Cost Effective – SpeedStream® and modems provide a Their user- friendly installation and setup make Siemens Subscriber Networks, Inc.

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The only difference being the comes with a USB port.

Set the correct operation mode. It really does not matter what you put in here as it does not appear to be saved anyway. The SpeedStream Router has a full-featured Web-based management and diagnostic tool set, making support and configuration very easy. It has also been widely distributed by Optus although Optus made a number of modifications to the original firmware.

There were 2 models released, the and the Click on the TR optionthe speedsrream item in the Setup options list. For Australia, it siemens speedstream 4200 manual be set to VPI: Instead, siemens speedstream 4200 manual on the Dynamic DNS setup option.

If you had been running speedstrezm Optus Bridge mode, there may not be any entries in the table.

Siemens SpeedStream 4200

When the page resfrshes, click the DHCP setup siemens speedstream 4200 manual. Just to be correct, I use the following Connection Name: When the Login page is diplayed, you will manusl that the BigPond default login information is displayed. Just siemens speedstream 4200 manual be correct, I use the following Connection Name: Disable any Dynamic DNS settings you may have had. Add link to video. Enter the following into the address bar of your browser: Click on the Disable option then the Apply button.

Internet Explorer is the preffered browser because it works.

Siemens SpeedStream User Manual | 8 pages

Click the Finish Button to save the configuration settings. If you find your changes are not being saved or clicking buttons does not work, then try Internet Explorer.

You have done all that is necessary. If the link above does not work your network configuration may not be using the default settings.

Here are the BigPond specific, step by step, instructions that will enable anyone to succesfully setup BigPond SpeedStream Optus SpeedStream Bridge Mode. Below you will find the step by step instructions required to succesfully set up the Optus SpeedStream Bridge Mode.

Download Manual for the Siemens SpeedStream

If there is no Setup option displayed on the left navigation menu, click on the Login menu option. The Owner is an independant entity and not part of the company that is a merchant to any if the products discussed on this website, and recommends siemens speedstream 4200 manual claims made on this website or any other should be independently validated by the consumer based on their own personal circumstances.

Consider the following tasks are mandatory:.

Consider the following mandatory:. Before you begin, I highly recommend that you perform a few basic preparation tasks. When the page refreshes, the following page is displayed.

Enter the following into the address siemens speedstream 4200 manual of your s;eedstream After you press the OK button, the page will refresh but now the Setup option should be visible. Below you will find the step by step instructions required siemens speedstream 4200 manual succesfully set up the Optus SpeedStream Bridge Mode.

You just need to reconnect the cables correctly and and configure your router. Following these instructions should enable you to set up bridge mode in approximately 3 to 5 minutes.