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Srinivas Reddy,Dharma Teja Lyrics:: They also made the child prostrate. Peria Shetty family continued subramanya swamy pooja vidhanam in serve the Lord and lived blissfully for a long time. I am writing subramamya book solely based on the Blessing of the Lord.

While they were travelling, they saw a divine serpent shining in splendor. For Putra baagya, good health, marriage, subramannya and any other issues, reading this book consecutively for three Tuesdays, in temples or in the home would ensure immediate results.

Sri Subramanya Vratham – Achyuthan

He decided to show his wrath on Chinna Shetty. Those who pray to Lord Shanmugha on Tuesdays will subramanya swamy pooja vidhanam in blessed with progeny. They continued their journey and reached Pazhani in the night. By this good deed without your knowledge you have accumulated a lot of punya.

He earned a lot of wealth doing various businesses. He never used to part with his money even if the seeker was very poor.


The pain increased minute by minute and she could not move her leg at all. Subscribe to our mailing list.

It was a 4 to 5 hours journey to Pazhani from their village. Mani Sharma woke up from his sleep and narrated about his dream to his wife. Monday came after the weekend. All the devotees coming to this temple would be blessed and all their life would be full of good fortune. However,upon Airavatam’s departure Indra’s wealth dwindled. After waking subramanya swamy pooja vidhanam in in the morning he told his wife Sumathi about his wonderful dream in detail.

With his simple life style he was able to save and contribute to charity. There is no requirement or rule to fast on the day of performing this vratam.

They had the divine Darshan of Lord Balasubramanyam in the morning and returned back to their village by evening. These three Vrata Kalpams are being followed by innumerable devotees in their homes and Temples. Shockingly his wife could not see even one snake. Having offered the milk to the divine serpent on such an auspicious day, you have subramanya swamy pooja vidhanam in a lot of punya. He completely forgot the offering promised to Shanmuga.

They stayed back in Thiruchendur that night and returned to Vishnupuram the next day. He, however, had a special liking for Sree BalaSubramanya. Sri Kasi Viswanatha Vaibhavam. It can be read on any month or day. Please click here to download.


His skin became very dry and scaly. He had said that we are going every Tuesday to Swami Malai and one more Tuesday is not going to be a big deal. Poooja rain did not stop till the next day afternoon.

Mansa Ne Gudi La: Even if he was immensely wealthy, Peria Shetty never used to donate for any cause. Very soon Sumathi became pregnant and delivered a beautiful boy child. They prayed to Subramanya with devotion.

The residing deity Sree Subramanya is renowned and worshipped for his grace and blessing. Anyone under the Dosha of any Navagraha would be released from the by performing this sacred vratam. This anxiety put them in deep gloom. BlogToplist voting code www.

Due to his respect for Venkata Shastry, the Doctor visited him at his residence and prescribed medicines for him.