Test: TOEIC. 1. What is the best replacement for the underlined word? The book was appealing because its contents were dazzlingly displayed on the front . Practice test for part 6 of the TOEIC exam. TOEIC – error recognition. TOEIC index Home. Mobile | Classic © Exam English Ltd. 7 Oct Are you going to take the TOEIC test? These tests will help you to practice TOEIC error recognition section. Each test contains 10 questions.

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The group that is organized to review new rules has met three times this month and hasn’t passed even one resolution. This is the rented room which in the conference will be held.

The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked ABCand D. Today’s lecture will be on the subject of problems environmental and air pollution.

TOEIC® Reading Part 6: – Error recognition

The managers ask if the machinery we import will have been inspected last year and if we are still worried about any future rule changes. Being a childMr.

The cytoskeleton of a cell provides structural support also coordinates cell division, growthand morphology. The factory where a great quantity of color TV sets made next year is now being built in the southern suburb of Shanghai.

A grown fully Chihuahua dog may only weigh as little as four kilograms. I’m not going to attend this meeting held in Hong Kong next month.

In this part of the test, each sentence has recofnition words or phrases underlined. There organized to review new rules three times this month.

Click on the ‘ View Answers ‘ tab to see the correct answers. Error Recognition Multiple-choice exercise. I am not certain I know what means that. The agreement looks fine to us, but our attorney would like to review it before it will be signed. You are to choose the one word or phrase toeid best completes the sentence.

Scientists used line spectra identifying the element helium in the sun. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Many of the mammals that dwell in the desert are active only at a night as the intense heat of a desert day can be fatal to warm-blooded animals.

In this section you will find a number of toeeic based on the fifth part of the Test Of English for International Communication.

Substances such as DT become more concentrated in each successively level in an ecological pyramid. The personality traits of children are often similar to those that of their parents, but these traits are not always genetically conditioned. Contemporary poetllen Ginsberg prides him on his ability to create poetry which invites complete emotional and physical participation by its audience.

The newly submitted plan might cost more, so the committee may want a cost review, but I can assure you that last year it will have cost a great deal more. For each question you will see an incomplete sentence. Four toeiv or phrases, marked A-D are given beneath each sentence. Tennis is such interesting game that people all like to play it. In the latter recognnition of the nineteenth century, physical techniques making it possible to determine the chemical constitution of stars.

You are to identify the ONE underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Oil-base house paint is neither easy to work with or quick to clean up, but it is often preferred to latex paint because of its high sheen and durability.

Before you begin searching the Internet, ask yourself the question: Now begin work on the questions. We should practice reading English loudly every day. We are not certain we have known what that means to the members that voted.

TOEIC® tests

Those having problems with chemistry, which are an exact science, have to train themselves to be analytical. I have no difficulty to study the art of management. Many New England farmers supplement their incomes with the sold of maple syrup tapped from sugar maples growing on their farmland. Questions View Answers Questions. Those staff having finished their tasks may have a rest. Are you certain the back of this van is enough wide to execrises the large box?

Johnson enjoyed Jazz exercixes Blues. The field cricket is quite injury to crops and vegetation and does most of its harmful work at night.