This is a tutorial for creating a single layer PCB layout using NI Ultiboard. Components used are THT. Parameters are set to give clearances for manual etching. Electronics Workbench, Multisim and Ultiboard are trademarks of National Instruments. Portions of tutorials, application notes, instrument drivers, and so on. PCB layout tutorial — MultiSim/Ultiboard. The basic steps in designing a PCB. • Paper design and prototype of the basic circuit. • Identify the parts — and the.

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The New Design dialog box disappears, and a blank design with the name that you specified is opened. Test it using Multisim.

Placing Parts You can use any of the following methods to place parts on a design: You can make fine pitch professional quality PCBs at home. Cuts the selected element from the design and places it on the ultivoard clipboard. The stock of the halogen material is random, normally it will take additional working days for material refilling, we’ll confirm with you about the specific lead time after order processed. In addition, National Instruments has several useful tutorials on their web site.

General Multisim Info

One of the best places to get help on Multisim is within Multisim itself. Create a part with the following steps: Default title form PCBCart. The Footprint edit mode window opens. The soldermask color should be different with the silkscreen color, please modify. The Insert the selected Item s into the database dialog box disappears, but the Edit mode window stays visible. Creating New Parts Create a part with the following steps: Got PCB design files ready for prototype or production?

Opens the samples folder. The best starting one is: Toggles the Design Toolbox view on and off. Places a via on the design. Undoes the last undo action. The functions mentioned in this passage are just some partial functions which Ultiboard is capable of realizing.

Sorts the selected column in ascending order. Do you want to delete the order? Indicate the folder where the file is to be lutiboard.

The Place Pins dialog box opens. The New Design dialog box appears.

You can also create a design and assign it to an existing project file. The Projects tab uttorial that the new design is a part of the project file that you specified.

Getting Started with NI Ultiboard

Creates new duplicate objects kltiboard the netlist information. Electronics Workbench was bought by National Instruments inand the Multisim and Ultiboard products are now marketed and supported by National Instruments.

Main Toolbar Button Description Select button. Launches the Board Wizard. You can open a netlist file by the following steps: Creating a custom component from scratch in Multisim and Ultiboard.

Standard Toolbar Button Description New button.

Ultiboard appears with a board outline and the parts from the transferred design ready for placement. You can create a design file by the following steps: The Ultiboard environment accelerates PCB design with automated functionality while maintaining precision with manual control. The New Project dialog box appears. DRC and yltiboard check button.

Places a follow-me trace. Ultiborad a new project, or a new design if a project is currently open. Displays the Database Manager. Toggles the Spreadsheet View on and off.