Before you can start dialing, you need to configure your Click in VICIDIAL Admin > Admin > Carriers > Add A New. Setup your Trunk in Vicidial and/or Goautodial. These 2 Asterisk based dialers are very similar in their settings, below the latest working configuration. The Vicidial Group offers a wide range of support solutions to fit just about any Configuration support is offered for optimizing dialing patterns, campaign.

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Customers that already have an active support plan will receive pro-rated 24×7 configuration support unless you purchased 24×7 premium support on your plan. To make calls to USA you need to follow: Goautodial does not have a desktop manager installed so you need to access it via network from your workstation, the server’s default IP Address is Maybe it is there but I just could not figure out which.

Cant use ssh well either. Maybe some versions don’t have it. I also had a problem configuratiion the OS using the router so I had to add ‘route add -net 0. About The Author saurabh.

VICIdial – Support

Configuration and tuning of a system in order to optimize it’s effectiveness is a skill acquired through years of experience and training.

What version of IE? I’m testing this system for the confjguration week with ratio dialing method and it works excellent. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Cpnfiguration with quote Can any one tell me how to use eyebeam soft with Vicidialnow by A. You can see that the leads are successfully loaded and there are currently 5 leads in the dial hopper.

Support The Vicidial Group offers a wide range of support solutions to fit just about any business need. I have two servers now loaded with vicidialnow. Wiki Start page Index by title Index by date Sponsors.

How to setup your Goautodial and Softphone. vicidial carrier setup

Campaign in ratio mode works perfect!!!! That should do it. For best results we highly recommend that you follow our Scratch Install using the methods and software suggested.

Emergency Support Emergency support is usually prioritized over any other support of same or lower level. I have 2 servers the 2nd one is working properly. I want to do that as I want as I have a reseller panel and I have create 10 VOIP account and assign each of them to each agent, so configurationn at the end of the months it become easy for me for finance.

We have experienced industry professionals that can help you with Asterisk, general Linux support, network services, customized programming, and numerous other areas requiring tech savvy know-how to get things done. Response time can vary based on workload and your service plan level if you have one. configuratioon

Test-carrier-for- USA Step 2: Online assistance will also be very helpful. If you are an existing customer and you need non emergency support you should have been given login credentials to our online support ticketing system.

I have an issue with “Manual mode” dialing. You can change its order to prefer any other codec. It worked for me. The author of this document does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, product, or process disclosed.

The cccc are your phones and used for connecting your agents to yuor Asterisk box. Make sure you put your campaign into 24hr mode while testing. Due to the high level of integration, any misconfiguration or oversights during the installation process can be nigh impossible to diagnose without the proper tools and experience. This depends on asterisk version you are using with vicidial.


Last edited by pquiring on Thu Sep 17, 8: Do this to fix the problem: Thanks for such a nice post. Repeat until your done for the day then logoff and hangup your VoIP phone. You can omit this field or use your default username.

VICIdial is a unique and complex compilation of software with many intricate pieces. Configurarion consequences or results achieved directly or indirectly by this document or information are entirely your responsibility.