Before you can start dialing, you need to configure your Click in VICIDIAL Admin > Admin > Carriers > Add A New. Setup your Trunk in Vicidial and/or Goautodial. These 2 Asterisk based dialers are very similar in their settings, below the latest working configuration. The Vicidial Group offers a wide range of support solutions to fit just about any Configuration support is offered for optimizing dialing patterns, campaign.

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The automated installer takes care of everything so you just need to wait for around 15 minutes depending on your hardware for the whole installation process to finish.

I want to do that as I want as I have a reseller panel and I have create 10 VOIP account configuratuon assign each of them to each agent, so that at the end of the months it become easy for me for finance.

Cant use ssh well either. Do this to fix the problem: I’ve found the login page doesn’t work with IE. Login using one of the default user accounts. Calls are bridged between your connected agents and your SIP provider.

Our experienced technicians can help you from the initial operating system install all the way through to your first dial. That should do it.

I’ve read the manager manual. Maybe it is there but I just could not figure out which. Any consequences or results achieved viccidial or indirectly by this document or information are entirely your responsibility. Kunal Deshmukh Prerana Technologies Email: MySQL mysql -u root -p http: It fails to populate the allowable campaigns.

How to setup carrier in vicidial

You can choose any name in place of VOIPTRUNK or voipwe have already defined account entry under [voip], so in global string it should be defined as [voip] with protocol sip. For emergency support please call one of our main numbers and choose the support option as this is the vicidkal way to reach a VICIdial Support Specialist.

The cccc are your phones and used for connecting your agents to yuor Asterisk box. If you need guaranteed response times you will want to sign up for a service contract. We have experienced industry professionals that can help you with Asterisk, general Linux support, network services, customized programming, and numerous other areas requiring tech savvy know-how to get things done.

Our installation support line is available during our regular business hours of Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm eastern standard time. Can any one help me how to configuraion eyebeam or x-lite softphone with ViciDialNow?

Below is a link for 2 of the most popular freely downloadable softphones, for this guide we confituration use the following SIP account: Here you can see all the calls going through your server as well as you can see registered sip phones and carriers.

I am not an expert in this matter, a total newbie who has never been to a call center until only three days ago, when my friend asked me to help him setup his servers and load vicidial. In above configuration ulaw is preferred and then GSM. Our configuration support is designed to help reduce this learning curve and allow a greater understanding of how all the features of configuratipn dialer work.

How to setup carrier in vicidial

Also make changes to Campaign dial prefix as to make calls through campaign. If you do not have a service plan that covers the time when you are calling you can pay a jump-charge to receive immediate assistance. Was any one able to get this matter resolved? Reply with confifuration Re: Also, I am in Cebu City and anyone who would like to join me in the project would be highly welcomed.

If you think you have found configuraton bug with VICIdial or you have a feature request submit it to our tracker. The root password is ‘vicidialnow’.

You also have the option to only pay for the services that you require on a configueation as you go plan. Both manuals are provided by our partner company Eflo. Configuration support is offered for optimizing dialing patterns, campaign management, archive control, lead management, and many other aspects of VICIdial.