(More detailed notes on web). We will adopt some notation, following the text by Wess and Bagger: ψ = (χαφ∗ ˙α). Correspondingly, we label the indices on the. SUPERSYMMETRY AND SUPERGRAVITY. J. Wess. Universitвt Karlsruhe. Institut fur .. J. Wess and J. Bagger, Supersymmetry and Super- gravity, Princeton. Julius Erich Wess (December 5, – August 8, ) was an Austrian theoretical physicist Wess, Julius and Bagger, Jonathan (December ).

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Trivedi, Dynamical supersymmetry breaking Ann.

Super QCD for various numbers of flavors and colors. Weinbger, The Quantum Theory of Fields. Seiberg, Lectures on Supersymmetry Breaking Class. The supercurrent and the Goldstino. West, Introduction to supersymmetry and supergravity World Scientific, S. The plan is probably overly optimistic!

Julius Wess – Wikipedia

Dynamics and duality Oxford University Press. Lastly, here are links bagget some nice online lecture notes that I consulted when preparing the lectures. Seiberg, Lectures on supersymmetric gauge theories and electric-magnetic duality Nucl.

Quantum corrections, what do they mean? Heise, An Introduction to supersymmetric gauge theories and matrix models Int. More details are given in the plan on the next page.

Classical moduli space of vacua, with examples. Wess and Bagger has become the trendsetter when it comes to notation, so if you have to brush up on the superspace formalism you better do it there. I do not give directly references to the original work, but instead list some of the most relevant reviews from which the original work can be easily found.

Shifman, Nonperturbative dynamics in supersymmetric gauge theories Prog. The reviews below are ordered roughly by the same order in which the topics are presented in the lectures. Discuss the material and the problems amongst your colleagues and with me as much as you can!

We then baggsr on to the core material.

We will adjust it as we go along but generally I prefer to cover less material than rush through to get to the end.

Examples of stable and metastable dynamical SUSY breaking in four dimensions. This is a list of reviews that discuss the material closest to the one covered in these lectures.

Here are some of the standard books that can be consulted when learning SUSY. I divided the lectures into two main blocks: I will also prepare some problems to help you delve more deeply into the material.

Julius Wess

Baagger check followed by an Introduction. Supersymmetry Cambridge University Press, J. For instance you will soon find out that the names of Seiberg and Witten recur quite often