On September 10,
cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders from around the world will converge in
Beijing, China for the Shape the Future: Blockchain Global Summit. This conference will feature the release of the Bitcoin
documentary “Bitcoin: Shape the
Future,” the first-ever comprehensive look at the history and evolution
of Bitcoin in China since the platform’s inception.

From mining factories to
company headquarters to exchanges, twenty-plus industry leaders were
interviewed regarding China’s exciting contributions and lasting footprint on
the global Bitcoin community. Some of the C-level professionals that
participated in the documentary include:

  • Wu Jihan, CEO of BITMAIN 
  • Liu Yang, CEO of BitKan
  • Yu Fang, Co-CEO of Bitkan
  • Li Lin, CEO of Huobi
  • Wu Gang, CEO of Bixin
  • Yang Haipo, CEO of ViaBTC 

Over 1,000 people including
media representatives are expected to attend this first-ever showing at the
Summit. BitKan, one of China’s oldest and most highly-respected Bitcoin
enterprises is the event organizer and curator of the film.

Sandy Liang, operations director at BitKan, was
asked about the documentary.

“Back to early February
2017, our co-CEO Fanny Yu expressed the fact that so much was happening in the
Bitcoin community, with lots of people curious, yet there was a major knowledge
gap behind it,” she said. “She felt like there was a need for a professional,
neutral film that could demonstrate Bitcoin. So we here at BitKan decided to
film a serious and professional movie about it, a comprehensive documentary to
address this gap.”

BitKan COO and co-founder
Fanny Yu felt that her organization was the right one to take on such a project,
with a common sense within the Chinese Bitcoin community that BitKan is the top
PR and marketing company in the Bitcoin business world.

“We are a company in the
Bitcoin industry, so we are a suitable company to hold this event,” Yu said. “We
have cooperation with most of the companies in the Bitcoin industry in China,
including exchange platforms, media and more, so we have advantage to organize
this event. For the last months, we have a lot of new users who want to know
more news and exchange bitcoin. We have invited many foreigners to come to this
event and an important part of the summit will be the documentary premiere.”

“We’ve done a lot
interesting, high-profile branding events before, such as our Bitcoin experiences in Tokyo as well as the Rock
Night theme Bitcoin gathering,”
Liang said. 

Liang added that BitKan
likes to do a lot of interesting things, but never produced them just for fun.

“As in the case of the
documentary, we take our work seriously,” she said. “We have a very cooperative
working relationship with the professional filming team and director and
invited professional Bitcoin insiders to participate. We wanted to make sure
that this documentary was not just a simple video, but rather a
professional documentary for the entire Bitcoin community.”

Liang pointed out that not
only C-level people appeared in the documentary, but that lots of experts,
Bitcoin users and investors are featured as well. While everyone plays a
different role in the Bitcoin community, she said, careful attention was given
to ensuring that everyone had the same rights in terms of speaking in the

Yu, who sparked the idea
for the documentary, added that Bitcoin’s popularity has grown immensely in
recent months. Despite this trend, she believes that many people are still
unclear about the concept and misunderstand it.

“We decided to make this
movie because we want people to know more about Bitcoin, how it’s evolved in
the last eight years and what’s happening with it at an international level,”
Yu said. “We’re even hoping to translate this movie to different languages. Our
ultimate goal is to help more people realize the meaning of Bitcoin by making
the concept more clear.”

“Shape the Future: Global
Blockchain Summit” will be held on September 10 in Beijing China. More than 200
of the major enterprises in the blockchain industry have been invited, representing
China, the U.S., Russia, Japan, South Korea, South American and South Africa.

You can learn more about the summit and purchase tickets using a credit
card, debit card or bitcoin here.


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