No, not really… but we do love the blockchain!

Ok, so we are not putting fish on the blockchain per se (could be cool? 🤔), but we launched a exciting new project called the Crypto Aquarium.

“Should I buy Bitcoin?” — William “Crypto Bill” Shakespeare

What is the Crypto Aquarium?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Should I buy Bitcoin?”. If your answer is yes, then the Crypto Aquarium is a perfect place for you…

It’s a friendly, fish-themed, cryptocurrency chat group for noobs and experts alike. You can ask questions like “Where can I buy Bitcoin?”, “Whats the best cold storage wallet?”, and “What does HODL mean?”.

Check it out here 👉

What is so special about it?

When we launched the Crypto Aqaurium 🐳 this summer, we saw the need for a supportive and well-groomed environment for people to talk and learn about cryptocurrency. Now, we are celebrating our 1,000th member! 🎉


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