The CoinPot faucet and micro-wallet, one of the most widely used, has added Bitcoin Cash and DASH to its selection of coins. The small payout system so far carries Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, which have been the most popular among faucets. 

The leading digital asset is now named “Bitcoin Core”, and the layout puts Bitcoin Cash in a prominent position. For CoinPot, the technical difficulty of creating the dashboard and microwallet show an acceptance of the two coins as stable, well-used assets. 

In addition, the microwallet converts between currencies for faster, cheaper withdrawals. So even if there are no Bitcoin Cash faucets, users may redirect their earnings into the new asset. 

Bitcoin Cash faucets have been multiplying lately, although users will still need to sift through to find the best ones. 

Faucets are a novel way of monetizing internet ads through cryptocurrencies. Sometimes, they have the role of popularizing the digital asset, as in the early days of Bitcoin when one of the first services was a faucet.

Faucets usually rely on solving a captcha of increasing complexity, and have varying claim times. 

In addition, users may knowingly use their browser for providing hashing power to mine all of the coins, with small deposits every five minutes, but this may seriously load CPU usage for very small payouts. 

The first option for in-browser mining was introduced a month ago and used a captcha to start the process in the MoonBitcoin faucet. But now, the option is within the micro-wallet itself, giving new users a test drive of what mining feels like as a hobby activity.

The MoonBitcoin faucet also offers the option to mine for a while to receive a “mining bonus”.



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