Hi guys!

Hope you are all doing well on this Sunday!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what I think is going to happen with ETC/BTC…

I’m not going to talk about ETC on what’s going on in the news, what progress they are making, etc…

This is just charting, patterns, and calculated upward potential..

I just had a quick look at the chart and saw a very nice ascending wedge/triangle (=bullish).

the volume is picking up a bit since october/november but stayed pretty stong against BTC             in januari, which is good to know!

My guess is it wil shoot at least 50% in the next 2 weeks..

But be carefull, i didn’t put a buy-in area on the chart because it’s hard to tell right now…

It’s possible that it breaks the wedge on the upside but retest its supportline of the wedge , which could be dangerous if you get in too early!

MY SUGGESTION: Keep a close eye on ETC/BTC for a couple of days and make sure you have your stoploss in place (depending on what you are willing to lose).

I will give this post an update as soon as I think it’s time to get in. So as I said, for now just keep your eye on it and wait for the perfect moment!

If there are any questions, feel free to comment or send a message 🙂

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