Our speaker for our March Blockchain@UBC Monthly Research Talk is Bruno Rodrigues holds a M.Sc. in Public Administration from FGV/EBAPE (Brazil) and a B.A. in Business Administration from the same university. Bruno is co-founder and professor of the MBA Public-Private Partnerships from London School of Economics. His current research interests include entrepreneurship, innovation, venture capital, regulation and autonomous networks. Bruno has published in journals such as the Journal Applied Financial Economics, Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) Journal and also published a chapter in The Emerald Handbook of Public-Private Partnerships in Developing and Emerging Economies. Bruno worked 6 years structuring Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships at BNDES and since 2017 he has worked at Venture Capital (VC) Division, representing BNDES in Investment Committee of VC Funds. BNDES is the biggest VC investor in Brazil.

Bruno’s talk will address the following:
How blockchain empowered networks? What are autonomous networks? What are their business models? How to calculate their valuation? What are the possible governance models for their coordination? Which role can VCs play in this game? We are going to explore some of the answers to these questions.

Lunch bites and coffee will be available.


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