To start off each password recovery session, normally done by Skype, Miller warms up his client with an interview that he uses to build a rapport. In the background, a meditative beat plays.

Clients go through breathing exercises, followed by the relaxation of each muscle group. This series of steps allows the client to travel back in time and unlock old memories, until one day the person says, “Oh! I got it.”

The recollection process normally occurs in waves, says Miller. Vivid memories start flooding in, especially when the client is asleep.

“We honestly don’t even try to force the password,” he says. As new information is revealed, the hypnotist reviews these key tidbits with the client and reinforces them in their next session.

A typical hypnosis session lasts about 20 to 25 minutes. For the bitcoin password recovery program, an individual session lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour, including the interview and conversation that’s held beforehand.

After a session is finished, Miller says that clients feel relaxed and refreshed, even telling him “it was like a spa day for their brain.”

“They really start feeling better and forgiving themselves for losing this information,” he says. “And that’s actually when the recovery process begins.”

The hypnotist says that he runs a busy clinic so the steep price of half a bitcoin (he used to charge one whole bitcoin) for his help ensures that he’s targeting the right clientele: those who have a lot of money to lose.

“When people say, ‘Oh my God, one bitcoin, screw that guy,’ that pretty much takes care of all the tire kickers,” says Miller.

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